Royal NZ Plunket Society baby singlet


I was so lucky to be given this beautiful Plunket baby singlet pattern and the Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace 2ply wool.

I have  never used 2ply before and it felt like I was knitting with silk. It was beautifully soft and light and sometimes I couldn’t even feel the yarn in my hands as I was knitting. I made two of these beautiful singlets, one for the local yarn store and one for my “yet to be born” grandbaby girl.

This is such a dainty baby singlet pattern and very quick and easy to make.


The lace was easy to knit. Just the standard K2 tog yarn over needle for one and K1 S1 PSSO for another. It just looks more difficult because the wool is so fine.


When I first realised that the pattern had a crochet edge I was a little bit horrified. It is all very well picking up my knitting needles after twenty five years but picking up a crochet hook? I used to crochet intricate doilies but that was a long time ago. I didn’t have a clue how to do a DC or a  treble crochet. I had bravely accepted my first piece of knitting for a local yarn store sample and I had visions of  me taking it back incomplete and telling them I couldn’t finish the edge because I had forgotten how to crochet. That just wouldn’t do!

So I went out and bought a 3.25m crochet hook. I sat down read the pattern and then I googled. Oh how quickly it all come back to me. The crochet edge is made up of double and treble crochet and I loved working with the crochet hook once again to create this delicate little shell edging.

My daughter does keep reminding me that her baby only has a 90% chance of being a girl. But that is good enough for me. If she has a boy…I won’t make him wear this lace singlet, I promise.


UPDATED July 2013. The baby was a girl and the singlet looks so cute on her. This one was made on 3mm needles and fitted Mia from about 2 weeks. She is an average size baby.
Image 16
The link to the free pattern is here. If you have any problems accessing the pattern from the link, leave me a message as I have permission from Plunket to share this pattern.
Pattern book – N/A
Pattern – Royal NZ Plunket Society Baby Singlet
Yarn – Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace
Link to Ravelry project here


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