Month: June 2014

A little pink Debbie Bliss tank top


There are some Debbie Bliss baby patterns that are just so irresistible. For some reason, this is one of them. It is a simple little tank top but the detail is so dainty and oh so cute. The purl stitch on the knit side (and then purl on the reverse side) is such a simple stitch and needs very little concentration.


There is a dainty little opening at the back to give an easy fit over baby’s rather large head with one little buttonhole and one pink button to hold it together. I just love the way the neck and armhole edges are cast off knit wise on the wrong side to just add another little feature.


So here is my first baby girl vest. Our baby girl is 12 months old and the biggest size for this pattern is 9-12 months. To make it even harder on myself, I am using 4ply when the pattern is written for 5ply. So I was a bit worried that the vest might be too small. But our little girl is an average size 1 year old and I had read from the wonderful Ravelry people that the pattern knits up quite big, as do many Debbie Bliss patterns.

So I knitted away “with confidence” after doing a tension square and luckily the vest has turned out to be a perfect size for our one year old baby girl.
I love the colour. I love the little pattern detail and I love the back opening.

Pattern book – Debbie Bliss The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits
Pattern – Vest
Yarn – Fabulous Fibres Wooly 4ply Baby Merino
Link to Ravelry here


Fair aisle baby hat with ear flaps and a tassel


My 12 month old grand baby girl needs a hat with ear flaps to keep her little head and ears warm. How exciting to have an excuse to go pattern shopping. I am sure I could have found a free pattern online somewhere but as I walked into my local yarn store (how lucky for me that the store is just across the road from work), the Sirdar Jack-in-a-box Knits book looked right down at me from up on the top shelf. On the front page of that book is this very cute hat. (I have just seen on Ravelry that this pattern is available as a pamphlet but the book has lots of wonderful patterns and they all go up to 7 years so I will definitely use it again.)

I was very tempted to buy wool along with the pattern but that would have been silly. I have lots and lots of wool in my stash, especially double knit. So that night I had lots of fun sorting through my stash to find just the right colours after spreading most of it across the lounge floor. My daughter asked me to please make the colours feminine as everyone keeps mistaking her baby for a boy because she hasn’t quite managed to grow any hair yet.

So I instantly decided on the raspberry pink for the main colour. This is a gorgeous Rowan baby merino and silk yarn that I had left over after knitting a little Rowan cardigan for a family member who lives in the UK. That is definitely a feminine colour. I also decided quickly on the left over purple alpaca from a little double breasted jacket I had made. But I wasn’t so sure about the third colour. I was going away that weekend so I packed up all the possible third colour combinations and knitted up some samples. Then off the pictures went via text to my daughter to choose.

This is her choice with the grey as the third colour.


How could you mistake that little face for a boy!

The pattern was easy to follow and had no mistakes. The only problem I had was when I cast on the hat. You knit the ear flaps first and then leave them on stitch holders. Then you start casting on the main hat, joining the ear flaps in as  you go. The cast on between the ear flaps uses the finger method and I am not very good at that. My cast on stitches are not very neat as you can see at the front of the hat. I tried to tidy it later by doing a single crochet over the knitted cast on stitches. It helped a bit but the cast on is still crooked but bubba doesn’t mind.

The first for me in making this hat was the  tassel. Great instructions in the book and very easy. Although I made a nice thick one and then decided it was too think so pulled half of it out. Then my friend at work made the same hat and she had a big luxurious thick tassel which gave me tassel envy.

The pattern also has tassels at the bottom of the ear flaps but I made twisted cords (well the lady in the LYS did) as our little girl decides she doesn’t want a hat on her head and off it comes. This one she won’t be able to pull off.

UPDATED September 2106
Another hat from the same pattern, this time for our baby at 3 years old.


Pattern book – Jack-in-a-box Knits
Pattern – Design 1958 helmet
Yarn – Indiecita baby alpaca DK, Rowan baby merino silk Dk and Naturally Loyal 8ply
Link to Ravelry here and here

Rowan fox cardigan for a 1 year old baby boy

I have this wonderful Rowan pattern book, Rowan Studio 30. It has some gorgeous patterns and each one has instructions for birth to 5 years. This is so much more useful than most books that I have which are from birth to 18 months. I have made a couple of patterns already from this Rowan kids book. I have made a cute little cable cardigan called Kurt and a gorgeous short sleeve cardigan with lace panels called Rapunzel. The patterns are well written and extremely easy to follow.


One of the patterns I have been admiring in this book is Friedrich but there are so many very cute patterns that it is hard to choose which one to knit. So when it was time to make my 12 month old grandbaby boy a nice warm cardigan for winter, I asked his mum which pattern she would like and she chose Friedrich. I was very excited that she chose this pattern and went straight to my stash and discovered I had most of the wool. The only colour I had to go out and buy was orange to knit the foxes. (Don’t you just love having a stash that you can dig into at any time.)


So here is Friedrich all finished. I did some planning before I started this cardigan. I went onto Ravelry and looked really closely at the foxes of the cardigans others had made. The pattern said to use fair aisle method for the foxes by carrying the wool across but I don’t seem to have a lot of luck with that method and end up puckering whatever it  is that I am trying to make. So I knitted up a couple of samples to see if I could get the foxes to sit nicely. They didn’t.

So I looked again at Ravelry and found a cardigan with foxes that sat perfectly flat. I messaged the person who had made the cardigan and asked how she made her foxes. I asked if she used the fair aisle method or did she use Intarsia? But surprise surprise, she did neither. She made the cardigan and then duplicate stitched the foxes on after. Panic set in. I had never done duplicate stitch before but her foxes were so good and my previous samples had been so disappointing, that I needed to be brave and try something new.

So off my needles came another sample, this time with no fox on it but just a blank white canvas where the fox needed to go. Out came the iPad and a few searches later for duplicate stitch “how to”, I had  my first sample completed with a nice flat fox. Thank you to Ravelry’s Knitacat for your help and thank you Rowan for this amazing kid’s pattern book.

Pattern book – Rowan Studio issue thirty
Pattern – Friedrich
Yarn – Cleckheaton Merino Angora Silk 8ply
Link to Ravelry here


Little lacy overdress for Lucy


During the summer, I made a little overdress (or tunic) for our baby girl from wool I bought without realising it was 3ply.  I was not very excited about the  project as I don’t really like knitting with 3ply and I wasn’t very keen on the pattern. But since I had let my daughter choose the  pattern for her baby it didn’t feel right to try to talk her out of it.

I am so glad I didn’t talk her out if it. She loved the little overdress and so did one of her friends. Her friend loved it so much that she asked if I would make one for her baby. How can you say no to that?


She chose a light grey. So I made another little overdress for another cute little baby girl. I hope she loves wearing it.

I made this one in 4ply instead of 3ply because I was worried that the largest size in the pattern would be a bit small. Once knitted and sewn together, this little overdress is given a crochet edge for a neat finish. I did have a few problems with the yarn while knitting this but after a replacement ball of wool, I managed to get this finished.

Pattern book – Filatura Di Crosa
Pattern – Overdress #7
Yarn – Patons Dreamtime 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here