Classic Short Sleeve Debbie Bliss Cardigan for our Toddler


I fell in love with the look of this gorgeous light grey marled wool and just had to buy it. I bought my usual 5 skeins and tucked them into my stash box with the rest of my glorious yarn waiting to be chosen. (This one went into the 4ply stash box.) Unfortunately I am getting to the stage where I am cramming the wool into the box and having to put the lid on quickly and firmly to avoid the glorious stash from spilling out all over the floor.

But it wasn’t long before I had finished what I was currently knitting and delved back into  the stash box to select the lucky yarn for my next project. I couldn’t go past the squishy softness of this wool and the gorgeous light pink and blue tones in amongst the grey.


It was Spring here in New Zealand so to make a long sleeve sweater or cardigan wouldn’t have been much use over the warm summer months and I didn’t want to knit for following winter as that seemed so far away.

So I decided I would make a short sleeve classic cardigan. I had a couple of patterns that would work but no patterns with a short sleeve. I decided to go with the Debbie Bliss Classic cardigan pattern that I had in my Baby Cashmerino pattern book. I went to the LYS (since closed, sadly) for guidance on how to alter the pattern to make a short sleeve. (The guidance is on my Ravelry page – link below).


I love the way the classic cardigan turned out.

Pattern Book – Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Pattern –Classic cardigan by Debbie Bliss
Yarn – Jack and Jill 4ply by Wooly
Link to Ravelry project here


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