Month: March 2015

Crocheted granny squares but not for a blanket.


What else would you use crocheted granny squares for?



Double knit hoody for a newborn baby. Is it a bit too bulky?


I was asked to make this little hoody for a newborn baby who was to be born into the cruel and harsh northern England winter. (I guess I can say this considering I am from the northern part of New Zealand where our winters provide us with a few frosts and lots of rain.) I tried to steer the requester away from this pattern to others using a finer 4ply but no such luck. This is the one she wanted her sister’s newborn baby boy to wear. One consolation, it was a lot quicker for me to knit this in DK than to knit a hoody from 4ply wool.


Not only does this pattern use double knit, it also has a slip stitch which adds to the bulk of the finished garment. I have made this little hoodie before and complained about the bulk in that blog post as well. “Sigh”. Perhaps I should start listening to others and stop getting hung up on preconceived ideas. Some of the nicest things I have knitted have been requests that I would never have chosen myself.

(The blanket this hoody is photographed on was also made for Sebastian.)

Pattern book – Patons Newborn Collection
Pattern – Corey
Yarn – Peter Pan Merino Baby DK
Link to Ravelry here

Hooties bootees. Will they stay on little kicking feet?


You may be aware that I don’t like baby bootees. I haven’t yet found a pair of bootees that don’t fall off those little wriggly feet. But when my girls ask me to make bootees for someone’s baby, of course I do.

Bootees I have made

I do own a baby bootee pattern book. I have Val Pierce’s Twenty to Make Baby Booties, which is full of very cute and modern bootees. From the book, I have only made watermelon bootees for a colleague’s baby from work, (who incidentally didn’t thank me so I have no idea whether they stayed on or were even worn.)

I also have a number of Debbie Bliss baby knitting books that have bootees in them but I have found that her bootees are always quite big. I have made one pair of Debbie Bliss bootees and they were so pretty.  I thought they might stay on with the little ankle strap but they didn’t really want to most of the time.

I have made a couple of pairs of bootees that go with newborn baby sets. Patons Jessica bootees definitely did not stay on but they fitted a newborn perfectly, (not much use of course, if they don’t stay on).

But on rereading about my Filatura Di Crosa bootees,, I have written that these ones do stay on! Perhaps I need to remember this pattern when asked to knit bootees. These ones were a perfect newborn size but the pattern also has other sizes to make. I think the ankle strap helped to keep these ones on.

Now that I am rereading my previous bootee blog posts, I have found another pair that did stay on. This is a free Mary Jane pattern that I added Jemima Puddleduck buttons to. Another one for me to keep in mind.

But the worst bootee pattern I have ever made were these Twilleys of Stamford  “pram shoes”. They were a nightmare to knit and once knitted, they were so tiny and the foot shape was a bit weird. Never again.

Hooties (or owl bootees)

So back to the owl bootees. I was asked to knit two pair of bootees for our baby Sebastian. This free owl bootee pattern was one of the two pair chosen by my daughter, for me to make. They were a top down knit, which I find a bit fiddly for bootees but they turned out tiny and cute. Just what I was hoping for. I was a bit nervous putting little buttons on as the eyes but I sewed them on very tightly and being a newborn size, I don’t think a newborn will manage to get the buttons off. On writing this post, I realise that I shouldn’t have used buttons. What was I thinking? I should have embroidered the eyes on. Maybe the mum won’t even use them due to the buttons being a hazard. If mum does use them and if I hear whether they stayed on or not, I will update the post.

Pattern website – Kedi Talks Birth (free pattern)
Pattern – Hooties
Yarn – Patons Dreamtime 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here


My new pink cardigan

IMG_4690 My Nanny knitted me a new pink cardigan. I think it might be a bit big for me. It might still fit me when I am 4 years old. I am only 20 months old at the moment. But my new cardigan is warm. It is made from merino wool, cashmere and silk, so it is nice and light, despite the size. My Mummy and Daddy took me to the zoo just after Nanny gave me this cardigan so I wore it and I think it looks pretty. It could almost be a dress with my cute polka dot tights. IMG_4681 At the zoo I saw lots of animals that I have in my zoo book at home. The cheetah was my favourite. It looked like Smokey who is my pussy cat at home. There was a big window at the zoo so I could see the cheetah but I couldn’t get in to pat him like I do with Smokey. IMG_4763 Then the next day my Mummy took me to the park to play. This is my favourite bike at the park. Sometimes there are other kids playing on this bike when we get there and I cry and Mummy says I must wait my turn. So I did and then the other kid got off. Here is a link to the stitch pattern nanny used. Pattern book – King Cole Baby Book 5 Pattern – Little Vintage Cable Jacket Yarn – Sublime Cashmere, Merino, Silk Link to Ravelry here