Month: December 2013

Short Sleeve Wool Cardigan for Baby


My son bought these cute little “Blade and Rose” tights for his baby niece when she was very tiny but we knew she would grow into them.

Being a typical (aka loving) nana, I just had to make a little cardigan to match. So with tights in hand, I was prepared to visit every knitting store for the perfect colour yarn. But what a shame I didn’t have an excuse to visit every knitting store, I found the perfect match in the first store I visited. I did all of this when the baby was a few weeks old and I had no idea how big she would be when she would be wearing these tights. The label said they were size 6 to 12 months. So I bought five balls of this wool, just to be sure I had enough for whatever I decided to do with it. If she fits these tights at 12months old it would be the middle of winter and I might want to knit a long sleeve cardigan and perhaps a stripy a top to go under it so five balls should be plenty.


Well, these tights fitted her at five months! And at five months old, it is summer time here in New Zealand so a long sleeve cardigan and a top made in 100% merino wool is perhaps a bit hot. So I decided to make her a short sleeve cardigan for the cooler summer days in a 6 month size.

Oops, when I had almost finished knitting the cardigan, I realised I got my “numbers in the brackets” wrong and I had actually made a 3 month size instead. So much for planning. Never mind, it only took a few days to knit and I have PLENTY of wool left over. (This little cardigan took just over one ball of wool.) I can always make another one but this fits her for now.

This pattern is very similar to another Filatura Di Crosa cardigan I knitted in a newborn size. I love the little two buttons on both these patterns.

Pattern book – Filatura Di Crosa Baby
Pattern – Short or Long Sleeve Jacket
Yarn – Shepherds Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here


Magic Garden Buttons Baby Jacket


This little jacket is the third knitted object my daughter has started for her baby. I say started because she didn’t finish them all.


But she did finish this little singlet knitted in this pattern with luxurious baby alpaca 4ply yarn. She was so very proud of her first finished object for her unborn child. It took her a long time because each time she made a mistake (and that was quite often in the beginning) she had to wait until she saw me next time (often a week later) before the mistake could be fixed and she could move on to the next stitch. But she finished it a month or so before the baby was born. The singlet was gorgeously soft and luxurious. Perfect for a newborn baby.

After she finished the singlet, she decided that she would like to make something else for her baby. So we chose this little double knit garter stitch jacket knitted in one piece.

Then one day after she had got halfway through the jacket, we were in the local yarn store and she saw a little baby car seat blanket which she fell in love with and wanted to knit. I reminded her that here baby was due in a month and she was still working on the baby jacket and that she would not have time to finish the jacket and the blanket.  But her heart ruled and we went out of the shop with the wool, the needles and the pattern for the baby blanket. I reluctantly cast on the stitches for her, knowing the little jacket would be cast aside.

She never got any further on the jacket and she only managed to do about 10cm of the blanket before her baby was born. And of course I didn’t mind finishing the blanket or the jacket.

Image 13

But we did almost forget about the jacket. With the blur of a newborn being in our midst, the little unfinished jacket sat in my daughter’s knitting box until the baby was almost 3 months old. Luckily I remembered and quickly finished it just in time.

Pattern book – Naturally K551 Baby Jacket
Pattern – Single colour version baby jacket
Yarn – Naturally Magic Garden Buttons
Link to Ravelry project here

Tiny baby hat to fit a premature baby


When a premature baby is born, it is sometimes hard to imagine how tiny they are. A friend has a wee baby in his care who was born 1.9kg (4.1lb). He wanted a wee hat for her to wear as she was due to come out of hospital soon and it was winter time.

Sirdar has a series of baby books called Early Arrivals and I have knitted so many things from the (Sirdar Arrivals 280) book. For each pattern there are three premature sizes as well as sizes from newborn to 12 months.

In the book there is a gorgeous little cardigan with a picot edge but it had so many comments on Ravelry about how annoying it was to pick up all the stitches for the picot edge, that it put me off making it. But I did make the hat. The photo is not very good and doesn’t show the size very well or the gorgeous little daises around the edge but I thought it still worth doing a post in case someone wants to know what size hat would fit this premature baby.

The baby was 2.3kg (5.07lb) by the time she needed the hat to come home in and I knitted the middle of the premature sizes in the book and it fitted her perfectly.

Pattern book – Sirdar Early Arrivals 280
Pattern – Design G
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here

An adult sized knitted tee shirt


I bought some beautiful blue cotton yarn at a very good price. I hadn’t knitted for myself for many, many years so I was hesitant.

What shape might suit me? What size was I? Can I trust that this pattern will fit properly? I hope I get it right because I know what I am like. If I don’t get it right the first time, I won’t ever knit anything for myself again. None of this “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. Oh no, not for me. If you don’t get it right first time, give up and move onto the next thing. Some people call that impatience.

So I finally decided on a pattern (free on Ravelry) and then I cast on the stitches. This was my car knitting in case the baby knitting I was  working on at the time, was too intricate.  It has taken a while to finish as there was no hurry. It was really only a bit of a test.

And test me it did. I misread the pattern and I didn’t realise until I had knitted most of the back. I got to the armhole shaping and realised it was too long and the waist shaping wasn’t in the right place. My instant reaction….stupid pattern, you should know better than to trust a free pattern! But oh how wrong I was. I had misread the pattern and stupidly knitted 14cm before I started shaping instead of 14 rows! So I frogged and started again. Luckily I do have some patience or I may not have bothered to start again.

Then I got the back done and I was up to the neck on the front and I decided to hold the front up to my body. I was so disappointed. It looked way too small. Who wants a tee shirt stretching tightly over my stomach at my age! I said to my husband, “I have wasted all this knitting time on this stupid thing. I have made a size too small and I am going to pull the whole thing undone and make a bigger size. Some people call that being impetuous.

I had my hand clasped over the stitches on the needle and the other hand holding the end of the needle and started to pull and my husband who was driving, told me to stop. He said just keep going and that it would be ok. It will fit. He said you can’t tell by holding it in front of you and stretching it out. What does he know!

But I listened to him. Maybe he is right but I doubt it very much! So I kept on knitting, feeling quite grumpy. What a waste of time.

Well, I finished it and I sewed it up and then I put it on ready to be disappointed and then I smiled. I smiled a big wide smile and walked out into the lounge wearing my smile and my new tee shirt that I had knitted for me.

I proudly wore it to my sisters this weekend. I came home without my tee shirt. She loved it so much and it was her birthday so I said I would knit her one just the same. We went and bought the cotton for hers (same colour) but all weekend she kept saying, “you make sure you stop all that baby knitting you’re doing and get my tee shirt started.” I didn’t want the pressure so I took my tee shirt off and left it with her and said I would make myself a new one. She was so very happy. Now all I have to do is do it all over again.

Pattern book – Internet – Free pattern on Ravelry
Pattern – Nothing but a t-shirt
Yarn – Crucci Mercerized Cotton
Link to Ravelry project here