Month: June 2013

Jemima Puddleduck booties

DSC_0001The Jemima Puddleduck buttons came first. So what was I to do with two Jemima Puddleduck buttons?


Booties. A few hours later this is what I made with the Jemima Puddleduck buttons and a little bit of double knit mohair from my stash, a little bit of plain white wool and two tiny buttons for the straps from my stash.

Pattern book – Free Mary Jane baby bootie pattern from the internet (I did have a link to the free pattern I used but the blog has since been removed. But there are many free Mary Jane type patterns on the internet and on Ravelry)
Pattern – baby booties
Yarn – Double knit mohair
Link to Ravelry project here


White knitted pants to go with the Jessica outfit


I needed a tiny pair of pants for my daughter to bring her baby girl home from the hospital.
I made her the Jessica cardigan, hat and booties set but she didn’t have any long pants to go with it, so here they are.
This pattern is a classic straight leg pant with a few rows of garter stitch as the hem but I changed the hem to a picot edge to match the rest of the Jessica set. These pants were easy and are very cute.
Based on comments from others on Ravelry who had made this pattern, I added an extra 2-3cm length to the pants as they seemed so short. I am pleased with the size.


I think the dear wee baby girl is also pleased with the size. She is a 7.5lb baby and the size fits perfectly. The two rows of shirring elastic I threaded through the top ribbing was perfect as some elastic on baby pants are too tight around their tummies.

UPDATED August 2013. My daughter loved these pants so much as they were so easy to use for her baby that I knitted her more.  And she says they are the best gift I could knit for any  baby.

UPDATED February 2014
I have made many more of these as gifts for new mums. Even a little pair of denim coloured ones for twins due to be born soon.


Pattern book – Panda Adorable Baby Knits
Pattern – Classic Pants with straight legs
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here

Grey newborn baby cardigan with pink embroidered flowers

Grey cardigan with pink flowers

I had one ball of this beautiful alpaca baby wool and decided to use it to make a tiny cardigan so that my first granddaughter who is due one week from New Zealand’s shortest day, can be toasty warm. I used a very basic cardigan pattern from the Sirdar Early Arrivals knitting book in the largest of the premature sizes to be sure it will fit in her first few weeks. I just hope that she isn’t overdue and grows too large for this cardigan before she gets a chance to wear it.

Pink flowers on grey cardigan

I had a lot of fun embroidering each flower around the base of the cardigan. I was going to use a french knot in the middle of the lazy daisy but the lady at my Local Yarn Store suggested I use a Colonial knot as they give a slightly bigger knot, which doesn’t get lost so easily on a knitted garment.

Grey cardigan pink flowers

I haven’t made a lazy daisy for many years and so I also had to google how to make them. They make this plain grey cardigan into something a bit more special.

Grey cardigan with pink flowers back

UPDATED end June 2013 to show the size of the newborn cardigan on the baby. The baby is two weeks old and this fits her perfectly. She was 7lb 5oz born.


Pattern book – Sirdar Early Arrivals Knitting Book 280
Pattern – Design I with round neck
Yarn – Indiecita Luxurious Baby Alpaca 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here

Purple garter stitch baby kimono and first time using DPNs


I found this wool in a bin at my local yarn store. The light in the shop was not the best and I thought I was buying navy blue for a jumper for our grandson. But when I got it home I found it to be purple. I love this beautiful rich purple colour but my husband didn’t think it was appropriate for our grandson, so our yet to be born granddaughter has ended up with yet another cardy.


I love this garter stitch kimono shaped cardigan and that the body was knitted in one piece and joined at the shoulders. By what I could determine from the pattern, it seemed as though you  pick up stitches for the sleeves before joining the shoulder but if you did the sleeves this way there would be a seam at the top of the sleeve, which I thought may not look so good.

So I sewed up the shoulder and went to buy a circular needle (for the first time) but realised you can’t buy circular needles that small. So instead I bought double pointed needles (DPNs), also for the first time and attempted my sleeves.


I failed miserably on the first attempt. There were ladders of  loose stitch lines up the sleeve where I had moved from one needle to the next. After searching online, I found this to be a common problem for newbies using DPNs. So I unravelled the sleeve and started again, this time knitting tighter, the two stitches immediately following each needle change. This was better but you can still see lines up my sleeves which I am not entirely happy with. I guess it just takes practice. If anyone has any tips on using DPNs without the ladder effect, please leave me a comment.


But regardless of the laddered sleeves, I do love this kimono. I made a little crochet chain and attached to the inside so that the kimono could be tied on the inside as well as buttoned on the outside. The pattern is free on Ravelry if you would like to try it.

UPDATED July 2013 to show the baby wearing it. She is two and a half weeks old and it was still just a little bit big. She was 7lb 5oz born. That may give you an idea of the size of the kimono if you are thinking of making it.


UPDATED September 2013
I have since used DPNs again and found them easy with no ladders appearing but that was in stocking stitch so I was doing every round in knit. This kimono is garter stitch so you had to do knit and purl rows to get the garter stitch effect. Maybe that is why I kept getting ladders? Here is my the link to may second DPN attempt. Note it is just the waistband done on DPNs but not a ladder in sight. 

Pattern book – N/A
Pattern – Garter stitch kimono
Yarn – Cleckheaton Merino Bambino
Link to Ravelry project here