Month: November 2013

Baby singlet with a heart motif



My daughter asked me if I would make her Canadian friend a warm singlet for her baby.

When my daughter was first pregnant, I decided it was time for her to learn to knit and this is the pattern I chose for her very first project for her very first baby. She made her little singlet out of luxurious baby alpaca in newborn size and it fitted her tiny baby perfectly…until her partner washed it on a non delicate cycle in the washing machine (or did he wash it in a hot wash) and the singlet came out felted and small enough to fit a doll. I could tell she was devastated.

So this simple but gorgeous little singlet with the heart motif is the one I chose to make for her friend’s baby. Mia modelled the singlet (above) before it was sent to her friend, Georgia. I think she wanted to keep it.

UPDATED March 2014 with a picture of gorgeous little Georgia in her singlet. (I can’t make the picture any bigger.)


UPDATED April 2014. I made one for Mia for the summer in 90% cotton and 10% cashmere yarn.


UPDATED March 2015

I was asked by my daughter to knit another one of these little heart singlets for a friend who is having a summer baby but we don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.


Pattern book – Filatura Di Crosa Supercashmere
Pattern – 11 Singlet
Yarn – Lullaby baby merino, Lotus Autumn Wind and Heirloom organic cotton
Link to Ravelry project here and here and here


Finished my baby car seat blanket despite tangled yarn


This baby car seat or stroller blanket is so soft you just want to bury your face into it.  It was made for the local yarn store so they could share the luxuriousness of this gorgeous wool.


The wool is Filatura Di Crosa Prestige Baby but has been discontinued. Perhaps it is something to do with the luxury price tag. I was a little frustrated with this wool while I was knitting as it didn’t unravel tidily and working with four colours  made it even more annoying. But I have now finished this little blanket and would definitely use this wool again (if I could find some at a discounted rate).

Pattern – Didn’t use a pattern
Yarn – Filatura Di Crosa Prestige Baby
Link to Ravelry project here


Knitted Bergere sundress for baby adorned with a crochet pineapple


My daughter asked me to knit a gift for her baby group Christmas swap partner.  We searched through my patterns and she chose this little sundress from a Bergere magazine (English version). I love it when someone goes through my patterns and chooses something for me to knit. I would never have made this cute baby sundress if it wasn’t for that.

We chose a yarn made by Lotus yarns, called Autumn Wind. It is 90% cotton and 10% cashmere and is so soft with that little touch of gorgeous cashmere. The yarn used in the Bergere magazine for this sundress is Coton Fifty which is a 4ply.  The Autumn Wind yarn is a 5ply but a tension square and an adjustment of the needles size meant the sundress came out the perfect size.

This little sundress is going to be sent to a baby girl in Sydney, Australia. Sydney has very hot summers so this little sundress should get a lot of use (with lots of baby sunscreen of course).

The sundress pattern was made with the front and the back being the same with a small 1×1 ribbed bottom and the top of the sundress had a little stitched down hem to thread a cord through. The pattern uses a french knitter to make a 75cm cord. I made the cord using the i-cord technique, which is so easy and knits up quickly. However, if I made this sundress again, I would knit the i-cord a little longer, possibly 80cm.

The Bergere pattern was adorned with 3 different crocheted fruit but my daughter may have felt sorry for me knowing my crochet skills are a bit rusty so she suggested we put only one piece of fruit on and she chose the pineapple. I had a ball of bright yellow yarn in my stash but no green 4ply. None of my knitting friends (not that I have many) had any green yarn so I ended up buying some bright green embroidery thread and it worked perfectly. Much cheaper than buying a ball of green yarn.

I hope the recipient of this little purple sundress adorned with a pineapple loves it and that the baby enjoys wearing it.

Pattern book – Bergere Knit Mag 0-10 yrs
Pattern – 34 Dress
Yarn – Lotus Yarn Autumn Wind
Link to Ravelry project here

Short sleeve summer cotton cardigan for baby


One of my girl’s friends is having a baby in November and asked me if I would knit something for the baby to fit her when she is three months old. That will be the middle of New Zealand’s hot summer so I thought I would make a short sleeve cardigan. What little three month old baby doesn’t need a short sleeve summer cardigan for the cooler evenings.


I wanted to make something out of cotton but most cottons are not machine washable and I know both my girls with new babies do not have time to hand wash baby clothes. So I found this Sirdar Calico yarn, which is a mix of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic and machine washable. It is nice and soft but I’m not so sure if I like the feel of it but it may be that I have been knitting with baby merino wool or alpaca and am comparing unfairly.


The pattern with the moss stitch detail is very easy to make and being double knit weight, knits up very quickly. This is one of the first patterns I have found recently that does not have any errors in the pattern.

Pattern leaflet – UKHKA 79
Pattern – Short Sleeve Cardigan
Yarn – Sirdar Calico DK
Link to Ravelry project here

Celtic Cables Knitted Discloth


What nana wouldn’t be complete without knitting at least one dishcloth in her life.

I am a member of a New Zealand swap group that swaps wool every second month and then something small on the alternate months. Last month we were asked to make our swap partner a dishcloth. I had never made a dishcloth before so I had a lot of fun searching Ravelry for just the right pattern and then choosing just the right colour cotton to use. I love cables and this particular one was fun and interesting.

Pattern book – Free on Ravelry
Pattern –Celtic Cables Dishcloth
Yarn – Lily Sugar’n’Cream
Link to Ravelry project here