Cable toddler hat

hat 2.05.15 pm

This is my very first day at Daycare. My mummy has to go back to work after being on maternity leave looking after me. I am 12 months old.

She is very sad to be going back to work and leaving me with strangers. I am sad too but a little bit excited at the same time. My mummy has been taking me to visit the Daycare and it is fun with lots of people to take care of me and lots of kids to play with.

It is cold today and my mummy has dressed me in my England rugby jacket and my nice warm hat that my Nana knitted for me. It has lots of nice cables and a pom pom on the top but my mummy didn’t get the pom pom in the photo. I think she was too sad.

Pattern book – Patons 1315 Natural Baby
Pattern – Cabled hat
Yarn – Filatura Di Crosa Zarina Chine
Link to Ravelry project here




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