No-sew traditional baby booties



I am not into traditional baby booties. I used to knit them many years ago for my babies but I’m not sure what it is about them now that makes me not want to knit them. I think the main reason is that they never seem to stay on those tiny, little kicking feet.

I did make these Jemima Puddleduck booties for my daughter’s baby when she was a few months old but I think they came off in the pram.
I also made these Debbie Bliss sandals but they didn’t stay on any better.
I made these watermelon booties for a friend at work whose wife was having a baby. I made them because they were cute but I have no idea if they stayed on or not. I didn’t get any feedback.

So you see, when my daughter saw a pair of traditional style booties in our LYS and asked me if I would make some for her friend at work, I accepted with trepidation. Maybe people don’t like booties anymore. Maybe booties are just not practical and won’t stay out on those little feet. Maybe they are  old-fashioned. But despite my misgivings, I agreed to make a pair for her friend.

Ah, but there was a catch. She also wanted me to make her friend one of these beautiful Royal New Zealand Plunket Society singlets and wanted the booties to match. The catch is that this singlet is made with 2ply yarn and so  I would need to find a 2ply bootie pattern. Surely it can’t be that hard to find. The internet and Ravelry are full of free baby knitting patterns. But no, how wrong I was. There were not many 2ply baby bootie patterns at all.

The singlet pattern is so pretty and many babies I have knitted for recently have been boys or the mums have not wanted anything “girly” so I really wanted to make this pretty little 2ply singlet. So I kept looking and finally found this free bootie pattern. They can be made with any weight yarn from 2ply through to aran / worsted weight. Same pattern, different size needles and the smaller the yarn weight, the smaller the bootie.

But this is a bootie pattern with a difference. This is a “no sew” bootie and here is the description of how they are made. “The sole of the bootie is knit first in garter stitch back and forth and the stitches for the side of the foot are picked up and knit in the round. The instep is knit back and forth in garter stitch and then the cuff is knit in the round until cast off.”

You can omit the flower on the instep if you want a more masculine or unisex bootie.

So here is the end result and I love them and feel happy that I was asked to knit them.



I am not sure if they stayed on the little kicking feet or not but I am guessing they probably didn’t. But I know my knitting was appreciated. The mum used the singlet for her daughter’s photo shoot. I felt very proud to hear that.


Pattern – No Sew Bootie-full Booties (free pattern)
Yarn – Patons Australia Dreamtime 2ply
Link to Ravelry project here




  1. So very cute! My babies could never keep booties on either, but I still liked to try occasionally, because they are so sweet. That singlet is gorgeous too, and it looks very cozy.

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