Baby’s first gumboots just like Dad’s Skellerup red bands


My daughter Keri wanted me to knit her baby boy a pair of booties that looked like gumboots.


I searched for a gumboot pattern and couldn’t find one so I finally adapted a double knit bootie pattern that looked a bit like a gumboot shape and tried to match the  New Zealand’s famous red band gumboots made by Skellerup.

I had a lot of fun taking these tiny little booties outside on a cold winter day to take photos.


I also had fun seeing my grandbaby boy wearing them at the beach.



  1. They are so cute, I would love a pair for my son due soon, been trying to buy them in not socks website but out of stock would you make me a pair please ? That my cost of course 🙂

  2. Hey I love these booties! is there any chance you have the pattern and would be able to email it? iv looked everywhere for a pattern like this but cant find one.

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