Month: October 2013

Baby sleeping bag for babies who won’t stay under the blankets

When I was in my local yarn store a few months ago, the lady showed me a pattern that she had just got in the shop and thought I would be as excited about it as she was. She knows I love to knit baby clothes for my grand babies. But no, I wasn’t excited about this one at all. I couldn’t imagine a baby actually using this sleeping bag! In fact she showed me two patterns that she thought I might like out of the new book, but I wasn’t really interested in either of them. The other pattern was this onesie.

As I was leaving the store, she mentioned that she must get a sleeping bag made up for the shop and since I had knitted other things for her, I offered to knit her one.

So I made a mauve coloured sleeping bag that sold the same day she put it into her shop. So she asked me to do a second one, this time in cream.


As I was knitting this cream sleeping bag, my daughter happened to see it and thought she would like one as she was having trouble keeping her 3 month old wriggling baby under the blankets at night.

So I did end up making one for one of my grand babies after all.


Just woken up after a sleep in her new sleeping bag.  She has had this sleeping bag now for about a month and she sleeps in it every night and keeps her warm.

So lesson for me, just because my kids didn’t have one when they were babies, doesn’t mean other babies shouldn’t want one. Time moves on!

UPDATED February 2014

Baby is now 7 months old and she still sleeps in this sleeping bag.

Pattern book – Peter Pan merino baby 355
Pattern – Baby Snuggle Bag
Yarn – Shepherd Merino 4 Me 8ply
Link to Ravelry project here


When balls of yarn don’t unravel as expected when knitting

I am currently knitting a baby blanket and working with 5 balls of deliciously luxurious Filatura Di Crosa Prestige Baby yarn, at once.


This is how the yarn starts off.


This is how they should unravel.


This is what happens next.


And this is how they end up if you are not careful.


Then you have to ravel back up by hand to continue using it. Very frustrating but the wool is gorgeous.


Sirdar double knit hoodie for baby


I knitted this a few months ago but haven’t included it in my blog until now for two reasons, 1) the photo is terrible and 2) I am not sure if I like it. But this blog is a record of my baby knitting, so decided to include it anyway.

I had made my grandbaby boy a 0 – 3 months size hoodie, which I loved and they used it all the time for their walks. When he started to grow out of that first hoodie, his mum asked if I could make another one. I had some double knit baby merino in black and so we searched through my patterns to decide which one to make.

I guess the thing I don’t like about this little hoodie is that it is very thick. I am not so keen on double knit for babies (I prefer 4ply) but I know it is quick to knit up and very warm. But I think it is the rib pattern that seems to make this one even thicker.


But I know that he wears it and I know that he will be warm when he is out in the stroller going for long walks with his mum.


And the buttons are so cute.

Pattern book –Sirdar Early Arrivals 280
Pattern – Design A
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 8ply
Link to Ravelry here