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Years and years ago when my children were babies, I used to knit for them. But then I stopped.  I can’t remember why I stopped. Maybe it was because I got too busy or maybe knitting became untrendy or maybe I focused more on crochet and needlepoint for the house or maybe yarn just became too expensive at a time when I didn’t have spare money.

But now I have grandchildren coming and there is no better excuse to start knitting again, than to be able to knit cute little things for cute little grandchildren.



  1. Hi there

    I absolutely adore the baby singlet with heart motif and would love to make this for my daughter (12 weeks old today). Any idea where I can get a copy of the pattern from? I’ve tried finding it from the links you provided but don’t seem to be having much luck.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Love your blog by the way 🙂

  2. Hi!
    I love the brown baby sleeping bag and it is the only pattern I need. I am hoping that you can send me this pattern so I can enjoy knitting this for my expected grand child. I belief that this is from Peter Pan 355. I really can’t afford to order the whole book especially when I only want the one pattern.
    Thanking you very much in advance.
    Lisa Rice

  3. Hi Maureen, would you be interested in knitting a couple of pairs of your peter pan cable knit pants for me? I could just looking for cream and soft grey

  4. Hi, I love the pink fila—- di crosa Cardigan, hat and bootees you knitted- could you email me the pattern please. I have tried to google it with no success!

  5. I forgot to indicate email notification. I love the sweater and really do appreciate anything you can do m

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