When buying yarn – If you are not using the recommended yarn for a pattern, always compare the yardage.


This is a onesie. Or at least it is trying to be a onesie. But I didn’t buy enough grey wool to finish it!

I used a pattern that was written for acrylic yarn and I  bought 100% merino wool instead. But merino wool weighs heavier than acrylic yarn and since skeins are sold by weight, there is of course less yardage in a skein of the heavier wool.

So if you are buying yarn that is not the recommended yarn for a particular pattern, make sure you compare the yardage of the two different skeins. That way you can be sure to buy enough and not end up like me with a quandary and an unfinished garment.

I have completed the back and the two fronts of the onesie so I only need enough of the grey for the stripes in the sleeves. (The button bands and the rest of the finishing is done in pink.) I have been back to the local yarn store where I purchased the wool, only to find that the grey has been discontinued. I was a bit surprised since I bought this wool only two weeks ago and had paid full price for it. Come to think of it, I did buy the last grey skein in the shop but I would have thought that the yarn stores would sell a single skein of a discontinued colour at a discounted price?

All is not lost. If I can’t find the grey wool anywhere in New Zealand, I can always make the sleeves plain pink with grey ribbed bands with the little bit of grey I have left. I will search online and make a few phone calls, as I would prefer to have the sleeves in the same stripe as the body.



  1. That is so frustrating, I’ve had it happen to me on more than one occaision (never learn my lesson!) Hope you find more of the grey yarn, but if you don’t, what you suggested sounds good.

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