Cable toddler hat

hat 2.05.15 pm

This is my very first day at Daycare. My mummy has to go back to work after being on maternity leave looking after me. I am 12 months old.

She is very sad to be going back to work and leaving me with strangers. I am sad too but a little bit excited at the same time. My mummy has been taking me to visit the Daycare and it is fun with lots of people to take care of me and lots of kids to play with.

It is cold today and my mummy has dressed me in my England rugby jacket and my nice warm hat that my Nana knitted for me. It has lots of nice cables and a pom pom on the top but my mummy didn’t get the pom pom in the photo. I think she was too sad.

Pattern book – Patons 1315 Natural Baby
Pattern – Cabled hat
Yarn – Filatura Di Crosa Zarina Chine
Link to Ravelry project here



Little Orange Dress

In December 2014 when I was just 18 months old, my Nanny made me a dress out of soft and squishy Sublime Soya cotton yarn. The pattern sizing wasn’t very specific but she made me a size 12 – 24 months and since I was exactly in between those sizes, this little dress should have fitted me perfectly. But it didn’t. She had got a bit carried away with the length so it was too long and it almost feel off my shoulders. Never mind, my Mummy put it away in my wardrobe until I grew a bit more.


And then I grew and grew. My Mummy remembered this dress and got it out of my wardrobe and let me try it on. I am two and a half years old now and it fits! Yay! And it has pockets. Look, I can put my hands in my pockets and pull my dress up! My Mummy told me not to do this as it might stretch my dress. But my Nanny said I can do it.


And then my Mummy got out the giant bubble maker for me to play with. I think she did this to stop me stretching my dress.

IMG_0754 (1)

Oh no. My Mummy can make giant bubbles for me using these sticks and the big string but it is a bit too hard for me.

Pattern Pamphlet – King Cole 3559
Pattern – Dress
Yarn – Sublime Yarns Soya Cotton DK
Link to Ravelry project here

Simply blue booties by Val Pierce


I must remember next time that Val Pierce’s bootees are “huge”. If I knit bootees, it is usually for a newborn and these are definitely not a newborn size. Her patterns are one size only so next time I will use a finer wool to see if that helps.

When Sebastian was first born, I made baby him a tiny pair of Hooties bootees and these rather large blue ones from my Val Pierce bootee book. I can only hope that Sebastian got some wear out of them before the cold days turned into summer. But then again, I am not sure if they are a very good pattern as they don’t have anything to hold them onto baby’s feet. I think next time I make bootees I won’t let my girls have such a wide selection of patterns to choose from. I think I will select only bootees patterns that look like they will stay on. 

Pattern book – Twenty to Make :Knitted Baby Bootees by Val Pierce
Pattern – Simply Blue Bootees
Yarn – Patons Dreamtime 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here

The aran cardigan that became a coat


I just have to laugh at myself. Why do I think I have to add SO MUCH LENGTH to our little toddler’s cardigan! I did it here too with her little pink cardigan too. But she has had so much wear out of that little pink cardigan and she certainly hasn’t grown out of it.

Maybe I became paranoid about the length of cardigans after knitting the Debbie Bliss Teddy Bear Jacket. That was knitted for her as a one year old and was always a little bit short and with the panels it was more difficult to add length willy nilly as I seem to do now. However, if you go to the Teddy Bear post, scroll down to the last photo and you will see how I managed to add length to this jacket to get one more winter out of it.

So what have I created with this very long aran rusty red cardigan? I guess you can say I have created a coat.


But that’s ok. A coat is good. Our toddler is an average sized 2 year old and this pattern was for 24 to 36 months so it was always going to potentially be  a little big and so it definitely did not need to have extra length. No wonder I ran out of yarn half way up the second sleeve! And the yarn colour was discontinued! I am very lucky that the lady in our LYS had bought two balls of this colour for herself and hadn’t used them and she was more than happy to sell me one. Crisis averted. I would have had to pull the fronts and back undone and stolen some yarn out of all that extra length!


But it is wearable and that’s all that matters and the colour is gorgeous. And she will probably be still wearing it when she is at school.

The pattern was from a book called Aran and Nordic Knits for Kids. It was given to me by a friend I worked with and she knew I love knitting aran and she knew I love knitting for kids. So a perfect book for me. I miss my craft friend I used to work with. In our stressful roles,  we would sometimes seek each other out, have our craft chat, share our latest projects, discuss  button colours and then back to work feeling a little more enthusiastic.

Pattern book – Aran and Nordic Knits for Kids
Pattern – Aneka Cardigan
Yarn – Filatura Di Crosa Zarina
Link to Ravelry here

Knit or knitted. What is the past tense of knit?

I have always used knitted as the past tense of knit because that is what I learnt when I was growing up in my family who loved to knit.

I have only recently started knitting again after many years and I was surprised to read the word knit being used as a past tense. When I first read it, with I thought it was just a lack of grammar knowledge by the people using it. But then I saw it being used more and more. So I thought I had better look it up. Perhaps I have been using the wrong word all these years and maybe knitted isn’t actually a word!

I was relieved to see that the Grammarist website states that both knitted and knit can both be used as the past tense of knit.

“The verb knit is traditionally uninflected in the past tense and as a past participle. Knitted is now well accepted, though; it appears about as often as the uninflected form in 21st-century texts from throughout the English-speaking world.

Knitted is safest as a participial adjective (e.g., a knitted scarf), but it also works as a verb (e.g., she knitted all morning). Knit also works in these uses (e.g., a knit scarfshe knit all morning), but it’s falling out of favor.”