Toddler sweater

“Wainbow” jersey for mokopuna


In just one week, my little mokopuna will be 4 years old and enjoying a birthday party with her preschool friends. It seems so long ago since she was that little baby I used to knit for, all those years ago.

She is not as easy to knit for now. She has her own ideas on what she wants to wear. She has her own ideas of the colours she wants to wear. She has her own ideas on whether she wants to wear long sleeves or short sleeves, no matter the weather.

But then she is four years old. She is learning to be independent. Even if her Mummy and her Nanny would prefer at times for her not to be quite so independent.

The little mokopuna was at Nanny’s house a few weeks ago and I wanted to measure against her a “beautiful” navy cardigan with pink flecks and cables and blackberry stitch. “Come over here Mia, Nanny wants to try this cardigan that she is knitting for you”. Over she comes running with a little smiling expectant face. I pulled out the “beautiful” little navy cardigan with pink flecks and cables and blackberry stitch……and her little face changed instantly. The smile disappeared, the expectant look became confused and she put her little head down with a little frown on her forehead. Oh dear. This is not going to cut it.

So I quickly held it against her and it was perfect. Well, the size was anyway.

As she turned to go back to her toys, she saw a knitting pattern book sitting on the table. “Ohhh”, she said, “can you make dat one for me, Nanny! I want a wainbow one with lellow and lots of  pink. And can you make me a wainbow hat too.

Of course bubba, Anything for my little girl.

So the “beautiful” little navy cardigan with pink flecks and cables and blackberry stitch was completed and big pink button were added to make it a bit more appealing to this little 4 year old girl.

But the winner was when I arrived at her house last weekend with her “wainbow” jumper and hat with “lellow’ and lots of pink.

stripes and slide

And what became of the “beautiful” navy cardigan with the pink flecks and cable and blackberry stitch and the big pink buttons? Well, it was at pre school last week when I picked her up and she did put it on to go to the shops with Nanny. But I do know it is definitely not her favourite. If I ever get a photo of her wearing it, I will add it to this post.

Pattern Book – Shepherd Moda Issue 2
Pattern –Stripe Tunic and Beanie
Yarn – 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here



Little Heart Sweater and matching hat


My grand babies are growing bigger and bigger. They have both had their third birthdays and knitting for them has changed a lot since they were babies.

No longer can I make little tiny cardigans or cute little onesies or even bootees or pants. No, now I knit warm and practical knits to wear to Pre School.

Unfortunately most of the many pattern books I have are baby knit books and go up to size 18 months, which of course is far too small for these two busy toddlers. But I do have some  pattern books that range in size from birth to seven years. These King Cole books are amazing as you can use them for such a long time and the patterns are really cute.

Although my daughter asked for two cardigans and a hat with ear flaps, I couldn’t resist this little heart sweater and matching beanie in the King Cole Baby Book Number 6. The hat doesn’t have ear flaps but it still keeps her little ears warm. The sweater has a perfect sized neck and goes over her head nicely without pulling little ears and hair each time it is tugged off and on.


And the cardigans? I have finished one and the other one is underway.


Pattern book – King Cole Baby Book 6
Pattern – Little Heat Jersey and Little Petal Hat
Yarn – Filatura Di Crosa Zara
Link to Ravelry project here and here for the hat



Little Star


This is my little grandson who I have never seen. He lives on the other side of the world and I have a fear of flying! I know there is Skype and Facebook and all kinds of social media where I can follow his life but it isn’t the same as picking up this little smiley, cute bubba and giving him a cuddle.

His name is Sebastian and the least I can do is knit him a sweater to keep him warm. So here he is modelling his little star sweater that Nana made for him.

I asked his mum to measure his chest so I could get the right fit. And although he is only 1, I had to go to a size 2 in this jumper to get the right size. But silly Nana forgot to make the sleeves the length of the 1 year old size. Never mind, at least they can be rolled up and maybe the sweater might fit him next year too.

Thank you to mummy for sending me this gorgeous photo.

IMG_0748 (1)

Pattern book – Peter Pan 355 Merino Baby
Pattern – Little Star Sweater
Yarn – Naturally Merino Silk
Link to Ravelry project here

Granny squares sweater and a poor little tyke

I had planned to write this post today. It is the post that goes with a previous post about crocheted granny squares. But this morning when I woke up I reached for the iPad to check WordPress Reader to see what’s new on the blogs that I follow. And I found this. The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fine Arts blog post starts off by saying “Please tell me that I am not the only woman of a certain age who shudders and pales as she remembers the 1970s women’s fashions utilizing granny squares!” Uh oh. Hmmm. She goes on to say “Nor were children immune, poor little tykes, as can be seen of this picture of a child stoically wearing his granny square vest!” (The photos in her post are classic!) Oh no! What have I done to my little granddaughter! Poor little tyke. I have made her a sweater out of granny squares! DSC_0016 Funny thing, when I showed my daughter the granny square sweater pattern she didn’t seem very enthusiastic about it. I took it that she was just tired. What child wouldn’t want a retro granny square sweater! So off I skipped to my stash, selected my colours and gaily crocheted my granny squares while my husband drove us both to work. We travel two and a half hours each day to and from work so I get a lot done. I gave the sweater to my daughter a few weeks ago and funnily enough I haven’t received a photo of the grandchild smiling into the camera wearing the said finished object. She tells me her camera is broken.

Pattern book – Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes by Nicki Trench
Pattern – Springtime Jumper
Yarn – Bits and pieces from my stash (details on Ravelry)
Link to Ravelry here