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Cable toddler hat

hat 2.05.15 pm

This is my very first day at Daycare. My mummy has to go back to work after being on maternity leave looking after me. I am 12 months old.

She is very sad to be going back to work and leaving me with strangers. I am sad too but a little bit excited at the same time. My mummy has been taking me to visit the Daycare and it is fun with lots of people to take care of me and lots of kids to play with.

It is cold today and my mummy has dressed me in my England rugby jacket and my nice warm hat that my Nana knitted for me. It has lots of nice cables and a pom pom on the top but my mummy didn’t get the pom pom in the photo. I think she was too sad.

Pattern book – Patons 1315 Natural Baby
Pattern – Cabled hat
Yarn – Filatura Di Crosa Zarina Chine
Link to Ravelry project here



Fair aisle baby hat with ear flaps and a tassel


My 12 month old grand baby girl needs a hat with ear flaps to keep her little head and ears warm. How exciting to have an excuse to go pattern shopping. I am sure I could have found a free pattern online somewhere but as I walked into my local yarn store (how lucky for me that the store is just across the road from work), the Sirdar Jack-in-a-box Knits book looked right down at me from up on the top shelf. On the front page of that book is this very cute hat. (I have just seen on Ravelry that this pattern is available as a pamphlet but the book has lots of wonderful patterns and they all go up to 7 years so I will definitely use it again.)

I was very tempted to buy wool along with the pattern but that would have been silly. I have lots and lots of wool in my stash, especially double knit. So that night I had lots of fun sorting through my stash to find just the right colours after spreading most of it across the lounge floor. My daughter asked me to please make the colours feminine as everyone keeps mistaking her baby for a boy because she hasn’t quite managed to grow any hair yet.

So I instantly decided on the raspberry pink for the main colour. This is a gorgeous Rowan baby merino and silk yarn that I had left over after knitting a little Rowan cardigan for a family member who lives in the UK. That is definitely a feminine colour. I also decided quickly on the left over purple alpaca from a little double breasted jacket I had made. But I wasn’t so sure about the third colour. I was going away that weekend so I packed up all the possible third colour combinations and knitted up some samples. Then off the pictures went via text to my daughter to choose.

This is her choice with the grey as the third colour.


How could you mistake that little face for a boy!

The pattern was easy to follow and had no mistakes. The only problem I had was when I cast on the hat. You knit the ear flaps first and then leave them on stitch holders. Then you start casting on the main hat, joining the ear flaps in as  you go. The cast on between the ear flaps uses the finger method and I am not very good at that. My cast on stitches are not very neat as you can see at the front of the hat. I tried to tidy it later by doing a single crochet over the knitted cast on stitches. It helped a bit but the cast on is still crooked but bubba doesn’t mind.

The first for me in making this hat was the  tassel. Great instructions in the book and very easy. Although I made a nice thick one and then decided it was too think so pulled half of it out. Then my friend at work made the same hat and she had a big luxurious thick tassel which gave me tassel envy.

The pattern also has tassels at the bottom of the ear flaps but I made twisted cords (well the lady in the LYS did) as our little girl decides she doesn’t want a hat on her head and off it comes. This one she won’t be able to pull off.

UPDATED September 2106
Another hat from the same pattern, this time for our baby at 3 years old.


Pattern book – Jack-in-a-box Knits
Pattern – Design 1958 helmet
Yarn – Indiecita baby alpaca DK, Rowan baby merino silk Dk and Naturally Loyal 8ply
Link to Ravelry here and here

Hats for premature babies


Thirty or so years ago, I had a premature baby. I have vivid memories of him lying in his incubator dressed in his nappy, a tiny knitted hat and a pair of little booties.

I wondered at the time who knitted these little hats and booties. Now I know. They are knitted by wonderful people who give their knitting time for these tiny, vulnerable babies who were meant to be still tucked inside their mummy, all safe and warm.

I was so happy when a friend asked me recently to help her make some preemie baby hats for her local hospital. They only take a few hours to knit and one of the fun parts is choosing from the bits of left over machine washable, merino baby wool from my stash and then deciding which pattern to use.  They are a great little fill-in project for when you are still in the planning stage of your next big one or when you want something to knit in the car and your current project is too intricate, or is at the picking up stitches stage or seaming stage.

My daughter who has a small baby and is a novice knitter, even found the time to make one of these little hats for the hospital. She made the little green one with the garter stitch hem in the centre of the photo.

My friend mentioned last week that her local hospital now needs booties.

I have used a few different patterns for these hats.

UPDATED August 2015 (one more in grey for the hospital)

DSC_0027 (1)

Pattern site – Andycrafts (free premature baby patterns)
Pattern – Hats for Premature babies (4ply and DK)
Yarn – Shepherds baby wool merino, Cleckheaton merino bambino 4ply and Rowan Baby merino silk DK
Link to Ravelry project here and here

Pattern book – Patons Newborn Collection
Pattern – Jessica
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry here

Pattern book – Knit lace and leaves for baby
Pattern – Leaf pattern hat
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry here

Tiny baby hat to fit a premature baby


When a premature baby is born, it is sometimes hard to imagine how tiny they are. A friend has a wee baby in his care who was born 1.9kg (4.1lb). He wanted a wee hat for her to wear as she was due to come out of hospital soon and it was winter time.

Sirdar has a series of baby books called Early Arrivals and I have knitted so many things from the (Sirdar Arrivals 280) book. For each pattern there are three premature sizes as well as sizes from newborn to 12 months.

In the book there is a gorgeous little cardigan with a picot edge but it had so many comments on Ravelry about how annoying it was to pick up all the stitches for the picot edge, that it put me off making it. But I did make the hat. The photo is not very good and doesn’t show the size very well or the gorgeous little daises around the edge but I thought it still worth doing a post in case someone wants to know what size hat would fit this premature baby.

The baby was 2.3kg (5.07lb) by the time she needed the hat to come home in and I knitted the middle of the premature sizes in the book and it fitted her perfectly.

Pattern book – Sirdar Early Arrivals 280
Pattern – Design G
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here

Blue hat for a newborn baby boy


What could be more perfect for a newborn baby boy than a little blue beanie.

A work colleague welcomed Will into his family last week. As my colleague often calls me his second mum, I just had to knit his new baby this wee hat. Unfortunately this photo was taken before the hat was blocked so it doesn’t look as nice.
UPDATED April 23rd 2013
But I am so lucky to have been sent this gorgeous photo taken by Will’s mum. Isn’t he beautiful! I think he was just over 2 weeks old old in this photo and the hat fits perfectly.
Pattern book – Patons Newborn Collection
Pattern – Jack (for design) and Jessica (for size as this was 4 ply and Jack is DK)
Yarn – Patons dream time baby yarn 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here

My baby grandson needs a hat to wear home from the hospital


My little grandson is due to be born in three weeks. His mum doesn’t have a hat. So guess what I did? Of course I went straight home and knitted him one.

I had made him a cute wee man’s cardigan but the pattern I had used didn’t have a hat to go with it. So I used the Jessica pattern that I had made before for the number of stitches and the basic pattern to follow.  Then I had to decide which stitches to use for the hat.


The idea was to use two of the stitch patterns from the cardigan above but once I had started the hat, it was so tiny that I think if I had used two different stitches, it would have spoilt the simplicity of the hat. A very sweet but manly little hat and I am sure his Mum will love it too once I give it to her this weekend, along with the cardigan and the shawl I made for her.

Image 1

UPDATED April 2013
This little baby was born 4.06 grams (9lb) and the hat fitted him from birth. He is 2 days old in this photo.

Pattern book – Patons Newborn Collection
Pattern – Jessica (for size but I made the pattern up to match the cardigan)
Yarn – Shepherds Baby Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry here

A pink Patons Jessica hat made from leftover wool


I made this cute little hat with some wool I had left over from the Debbie Bliss baby sandals. The colour is peachy pink that has since been discontinued but at least I had enough to make the sandals and the hat. This Jessica hat pattern is very easy and I can see myself making many more of them. The sizing in the pattern starts at tiny premature sizes through to six months so will be perfect for when I start knitting for the hospital neonatal ward. (That is after I have finished knitting for my two babies due in the next few months.)


I love the little picot edge of this pattern. It makes the hat so dainty.

Pattern book – Patons Newborn Collection
Pattern – Jessica
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here

Indiecita Luxurious Baby Alpaca cardigan, hat and booties


There were two boys due to be born this year in our family, or so we thought. But then my daughter had her 20 week scan and her baby is a girl.  We hadn’t even thought about knitting for girls so we weren’t very prepared with pretty newborn girl’s patterns. So we started searching.

When I started knitting again after many years, I noticed my daughter watching how it was done. She asked me one day if I thought she could do it. Of course she could. So for Christmas I bought her a pattern book for a simple  little baby singlet with a heart motif and some alpaca baby yarn.

And in that same book, there was the pattern for this gorgeous little cardigan, booties and hat. So I went out and bought enough of the pretty pink in the baby alpaca yarn to make the set. I must say that this is some of the nicest yarn I have ever knitted with. I will definitely be buying more of it. The pattern book is a Filatura di Crosa using  Super Cashmere(100% cashmere) but I bought 100% alpaca based on advise from the owner of the Crafty Knitwit store and the price of the yarn, which was about half the price of the cashmere.


The cardigan turned out a little bigger than some of the other newborn cardigans I have made but only by a couple of centimetres so it should fit her from birth through to the end of winter. I love the simple moss stitch detail of this pattern and the little buttonhole band adds to the overall design.


The little hat and booties were so quick to make. The hat is a lovely size for a tiny newborn head, so hope the baby is born a “normal” size baby. But it is so quick to make that I could do another one in an evening if this doesn’t fit. The booties were the simplest booties I have ever made. No turning for the traditional instep. Just lots of decreasing of stitches. I am going to get my daughter to make these booties to match her little singlet once it is finished, as they are so quick and easy. Her little singlet is in a gorgeous fawn / brown colour.


UPDATED July 2013. Fits baby perfectly at four weeks old. She was 7 1/2 lb born.


UPDATED August 2013 with photo of booties being worn at 8 weeks. They are a great “stay on” booties, even with lots of happy kicks while talking to uncle.


UPDATED Sept 2013 to show the cardigan still fits at 3 months.


Pattern book – Filatura do Crosa Supercashmere BKSC1
Pattern – 10 Jacket & Hat and 12 Booties
Yarn – Indiecita Luxurious Baby Alpaca 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here

White Patons Jessica Picot Edge baby cardigan, hat and booties.


This is a little 4 ply cardigan, hat and booties with a picot edge made in 4ply merino baby wool.

It was very quick and easy to knit. Even the sewing was quick, despite the picot edges needing to be folded and slip stitched but I didn’t mind. I actually like sewing up knitted garments. Most people seem to despise the sewing up. So much so that I know people who have a knitted bits and pieces that have been sitting for a number of years waiting to be sewn. What a waste of all that beautiful knitting. To me the sewing up is a bit like the final tribute to all that hard work you have put in, seeing it slowly turn into the finished object.


The cardigan is newborn size and took two 50g balls of Shepherds baby merino 4ply wool. The wool is very soft and beautiful to knit with. Although I was a bit disappointed when I used the same wool to sew my baby shawl as there were knots in the balls of wool and that annoys me. This shouldn’t happen at over $10 NZ per ball (over 5 British pounds).

The picot edge is knitted and then folding during the making up by slip stitching the little hem. Very easy and effective.


The hat is a little cutie. The newborn size looks a perfect size for a newborn. The baby this is made for is due in June (the middle of the New Zealand winter) so I hope she is a “normal” newborn size if there is such a thing. It should fit her for a couple of months, (maybe). Never mind if it doesn’t, I can quickly make another one. It only used about half of a 50g ball.

The picot edge on this hat was made the same way as the cardigan.


These very, very cute booties almost did not get made. In fact the whole set almost didn’t get made. I had attempted another pair of picot edge booties a month or so earlier and they were so difficult to make, I gave up. The picot edge was done (the same as these booties) by picking up a stitch of a previous row (about 4 rows prior to the one you are knitting) and in the first pair of booties I attempted, there was no differentiation between the rows so it was impossible to pick up hte right stitch. I ended up pulling those booties off the needles after many attempts and sore fingers.

I didn’t want to make this little picot edge set as I had horror thoughts of those previous booties but my daughter had fallen in love with this little Patons “Jessica” pattern so I had no choice but to try.

These little picot booties were easy. (Well not easy but definitely doable.) The row that you had to pick up from was easy to see as it was the first of the stocking stitch rows after garter stitch, so easy to differentiate. I’m glad my daughter insisted on this picot edge set, as I love the way it has turned out.


UPDATED June 2013 with a link to the little pants I made to match this set.


UPDATED June 2013 with a picture of the little newborn feet inside these booties. (The bump inside the booties is the hospital identity tag)

Pattern book – Patons Newborn Collection
Pattern – Jessica
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry here