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What to wear with a princess dress

Version 2

There is nothing that says toddler cuteness like a princess dress. They can be worn anywhere. To pre school, to birthday parties, helping mummy with the shopping at the supermarket and even to the local garden centre.

But when the day is a bit cooler and the toddler just HAS to wear the princess dress, a little bolero cardy is just what is needed.

This little bolero is made from soft double knit bamboo yarn and is a perfect weight to go over the princess dress. The colour might go slightly better with the green princess dress that she chose not to wear today, as the vibrancy of the pink princess dress tends to make the bolero a bit washed out, but toddler doesn’t mind and neither do we.

Pattern Book – Rowan Studio 30
Pattern –Liesl
Yarn – Sirdar bamboo
Link to Ravelry project here


Double knit hoody for a newborn baby. Is it a bit too bulky?


I was asked to make this little hoody for a newborn baby who was to be born into the cruel and harsh northern England winter. (I guess I can say this considering I am from the northern part of New Zealand where our winters provide us with a few frosts and lots of rain.) I tried to steer the requester away from this pattern to others using a finer 4ply but no such luck. This is the one she wanted her sister’s newborn baby boy to wear. One consolation, it was a lot quicker for me to knit this in DK than to knit a hoody from 4ply wool.


Not only does this pattern use double knit, it also has a slip stitch which adds to the bulk of the finished garment. I have made this little hoodie before and complained about the bulk in that blog post as well. “Sigh”. Perhaps I should start listening to others and stop getting hung up on preconceived ideas. Some of the nicest things I have knitted have been requests that I would never have chosen myself.

(The blanket this hoody is photographed on was also made for Sebastian.)

Pattern book – Patons Newborn Collection
Pattern – Corey
Yarn – Peter Pan Merino Baby DK
Link to Ravelry here

My new pink cardigan

IMG_4690 My Nanny knitted me a new pink cardigan. I think it might be a bit big for me. It might still fit me when I am 4 years old. I am only 20 months old at the moment. But my new cardigan is warm. It is made from merino wool, cashmere and silk, so it is nice and light, despite the size. My Mummy and Daddy took me to the zoo just after Nanny gave me this cardigan so I wore it and I think it looks pretty. It could almost be a dress with my cute polka dot tights. IMG_4681 At the zoo I saw lots of animals that I have in my zoo book at home. The cheetah was my favourite. It looked like Smokey who is my pussy cat at home. There was a big window at the zoo so I could see the cheetah but I couldn’t get in to pat him like I do with Smokey. IMG_4763 Then the next day my Mummy took me to the park to play. This is my favourite bike at the park. Sometimes there are other kids playing on this bike when we get there and I cry and Mummy says I must wait my turn. So I did and then the other kid got off. Here is a link to the stitch pattern nanny used. Pattern book – King Cole Baby Book 5 Pattern – Little Vintage Cable Jacket Yarn – Sublime Cashmere, Merino, Silk Link to Ravelry here

Little striped hoodies for cute little babies


I have never had any success taking photos of hoodies, especially when there are no cute little baby faces peeping out from inside. (UPDATED July 2015 – But I am lucky enough to have been sent a photo of Imogen’s very sweet little face peeping out of the hoodie on a cold winter days walk.)


These two hoodies are destined for two second time mums whose babies are due this month. Neither of them know if they are having a boy or a girl (or if they do know, they are not telling). I hope one of them is having a boy so that they can have the blue one, and the grey one will suit either a girl or a boy. I guess if they both have girls, I will need to quickly make another one in a colour that isn’t blue.

The only reason I am adverse to giving blue for a girl is that my granddaughter didn’t have any hair (and still hasn’t got much at 18 months) and kept being mistaken for a boy. My daughter didn’t dress her in blue because she got tired of having to keep explaining that her baby was a girl, despite having no hair. One day she was wearing a pink dress and pink leggings and a dear old man came up to her in the shopping mall and said “hello little fella, you’re a cute little guy”. My daughter didn’t correct him, she just smiled and asked how his day was going.


It seemed to take me forever to knit these little hoodies. Maybe that is because I actually made three. A blue and white one is on it’s way to North England for my little 6 week old grandson. Having to knit 12 little ears and then sew each of them together before stitching them onto the hood seemed to take so long. And the hoods seemed to take ages as well. But it was worth it. I just wouldn’t recommend making three of these in quick succession.


I am a little worried about the grey yarn for a little baby as it has angora mixed with the merino and silk. I just hope it isn’t too furry for a baby. Unfortunately when I dug into my stash to find the wool for these little hoodies, my double knit stash was a bit low and this grey was the only suitable unisex colour I could find. My stash has since “blossomed” with a FIlatura Di Crosa half price sale at our local yarn store last week.

Pattern book – King Cole Baby Book 5
Pattern – Little Big Stripey Hoodie
Yarn – Shepherds Baby Merino DK and Cleckheaton Angora, Merino and Silk
Link to Ravelry here and here

A cotton cable cardigan for a brand new baby


I have a friend a work who is due to have her baby at the beginning of the New Zealand summer. I wanted to make her baby something to wear and decided that organic cotton would be the yarn of choice and it would be made into a long sleeve newborn cardigan for the cooler days.

The design and colour were a bit more difficult to decide since we do not know if this little baby will be a boy or a girl. (That is only known by the mum and dad.)

I wanted a nice soft 4ply cotton so that the cardigan wouldn’t be too bulky for a tiny newborn baby. I had some cotton left over from a tiny singlet I had made for another newborn summer baby (in Darwin, Australia where it is extremely hot) so decided to use that.

Now for the pattern. I didn’t want to do anything lacy in case it was a boy. I didn’t want anything too manly in case it was a girl. But I had a sneaky suspicion that this baby was going to be a boy so I decided on soft cables for the front.


This was a very simple pattern and it took me only a few nights to make. I call it my election cardigan as I made most of it while watching the New Zealand elections. The blanket in the background of the photo is the Debbie Bliss sampler blanket.

Pattern book – Sirdar 280 Early Arrivals Knitting Book
Pattern – Design C preemie layette
Yarn – Heirloom cotton 4ply
Link to Ravelry here 

Puerperium cardigan for a newborn


It wasn’t until after my grand babies were born that I found this great free pattern on Ravelry. And of course the babies were far too big for it by then. So I added the pattern to my Ravelry library in readiness for the next newborn to come along.

That was over a year ago. And now I have another grand baby due mid December but this next one will be born into the middle of the North England winter just south of Newcastle. Poor little freezing cold bubba. So of course there are things being knitted for him here in New Zealand to help keep him warm.

While I was planning (I love the planning stage) which New Zealand hand knits this little boy was going to be wearing, I had completely forgotten about the Puerperium pattern until I happened to see this gorgeous one on The Prune Tree blog. I want to make one just like that. But of course I didn’t have any beautiful red and green variegated wool but I did have a blue, brown and white machine washable merino. Just right for baby.

But my multi coloured wool in my stash was 4ply and the pattern uses double knit. Hmmm. Well, the very knowledgeable lady in my LYS told me once that 4ply can be knitted double stranded, making it the same as a DK. So I knitted a tension square to see if she was right. Of course she was. The 2 strands of 4ply knitted together was exactly the same tension size as a DK. Amazing!

But being a variegated yarn, I had to be careful that I started each ball in the same colour place otherwise it would have come out in a big jumble of unclassified colour.

I really hope this fits out little baby boy. The pattern is written for a 3-4kg (7-9lb) baby, so I hope he is born smaller than my other grand baby boy. He was a 9lb baby so this would not have fitted him for more than a few days!

This is a very quick knit with no seaming and the pattern is free. I imagine it is possibly the most knitted free pattern on Ravelry with 5296 of these cardigans so far being made. Kelly Brooker designed the pattern and allowed us to have the pattern for free. Thank you for your generosity, Kelly.

Pattern website – Ravelry Download – Pekapeka Design Studio
Pattern – Puerperium Cardigan (free pattern)
Yarn – Shepherds Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry here

Little Vintage Sunday Coat

I was in my local yarn store a few months ago and the lady was knitting a gorgeous little baby’s coat as a shop sample. The pattern book she was using was King Cole baby book 5. I looked through the book and decided I had to buy it even though the sizes only go up to 12 – 18 months and my grandbabys were already 11 and 13 months old. I took the book home and then promptly forgot about it.

A few weeks ago, I was looking through my knitting books for something to make a baby due in December and I came across this book! Oh dear. My babies have almost grown out of it before I had a chance to make anything from it. So a quick dash to my daughters with the book in hand and an hour or so later I came away with three patterns carefully selected for me to knit over the next few months.

photo 2


And of course, the first one was the little Vintage Sunday Coat that the lady was making as a shop sample on that fateful day. As soon as I got home I dived into my double knit stash and was lucky enough to find three different colours of Sublime Cashmere Merino and Silk yarn that I had bought a few months ago on sale.

photo 1

And yes, I know there will come a time when this dainty wee girl will not be wearing a baby coat made of luxury yarn at the local playground. But oh well. She is still learning to walk so it was her knees and hands that got covered in sand, not the coat.

Pattern book – King Cole baby book 5
Pattern – Little Vintage Sunday Coat
Yarn – Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK
Link to Ravelry here

Elegant white cardigan for baby


This simple little white cardigan was chosen by my daughter for me to make for her baby. I had no idea why she chose this pattern. I had lots of different patterns for her to choose from? Cables and colour work and lace and hoods and collars and coats. But she chose this.


But she was right. The simplicity of this little pattern becomes it’s elegance. The little sparkly buttons add to the daintiness of the circular yoke, along with the garter ridges.

This pattern is a free pattern available on Ravelry and comes in 3 to 6 months and 9 to 12 months sizes. I made the 9 to 12 month for our 9 month old baby and it was a wee bit big. But her mum still had her wearing it with the sleeves rolled up. She is now 12 months old and the cardigan fits her perfectly and will do for another few months.

So this elegant little baby cardigan pattern knitted in 4ply has now been made twice. My daughter’s friend saw it and wanted one for her baby too. That is why I love my girls choosing their own patterns.

People who provide patterns for free are so wonderful. Thank you to Gralina Frie for this simple little cardigan for baby.

UPDATED December 2014

She is still wearing the same little cardigan at 17 months.


Pattern source – Gralinas Ravelry Downloads
Pattern – Cardigan
Yarn – Shepherds baby wool merino 4ply and Lullaby baby merino
Link to Ravelry here and here

Rowan fox cardigan for a 1 year old baby boy

I have this wonderful Rowan pattern book, Rowan Studio 30. It has some gorgeous patterns and each one has instructions for birth to 5 years. This is so much more useful than most books that I have which are from birth to 18 months. I have made a couple of patterns already from this Rowan kids book. I have made a cute little cable cardigan called Kurt and a gorgeous short sleeve cardigan with lace panels called Rapunzel. The patterns are well written and extremely easy to follow.


One of the patterns I have been admiring in this book is Friedrich but there are so many very cute patterns that it is hard to choose which one to knit. So when it was time to make my 12 month old grandbaby boy a nice warm cardigan for winter, I asked his mum which pattern she would like and she chose Friedrich. I was very excited that she chose this pattern and went straight to my stash and discovered I had most of the wool. The only colour I had to go out and buy was orange to knit the foxes. (Don’t you just love having a stash that you can dig into at any time.)


So here is Friedrich all finished. I did some planning before I started this cardigan. I went onto Ravelry and looked really closely at the foxes of the cardigans others had made. The pattern said to use fair aisle method for the foxes by carrying the wool across but I don’t seem to have a lot of luck with that method and end up puckering whatever it  is that I am trying to make. So I knitted up a couple of samples to see if I could get the foxes to sit nicely. They didn’t.

So I looked again at Ravelry and found a cardigan with foxes that sat perfectly flat. I messaged the person who had made the cardigan and asked how she made her foxes. I asked if she used the fair aisle method or did she use Intarsia? But surprise surprise, she did neither. She made the cardigan and then duplicate stitched the foxes on after. Panic set in. I had never done duplicate stitch before but her foxes were so good and my previous samples had been so disappointing, that I needed to be brave and try something new.

So off my needles came another sample, this time with no fox on it but just a blank white canvas where the fox needed to go. Out came the iPad and a few searches later for duplicate stitch “how to”, I had  my first sample completed with a nice flat fox. Thank you to Ravelry’s Knitacat for your help and thank you Rowan for this amazing kid’s pattern book.

Pattern book – Rowan Studio issue thirty
Pattern – Friedrich
Yarn – Cleckheaton Merino Angora Silk 8ply
Link to Ravelry here


Otto day cardigan for Mia

I started with this beautiful Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted yarn. IMG_2613 And ended up with this little Otto Day cardigan. I had been admiring this Misti Alpaca yarn for a very long time but it was too expensive to buy without a project in mind. And also, I tend to knit with finer yarns. But when I saw this beautiful yarn at half price, I could not resist it. So I quickly snatched up the pink (and went back the next day for purple) and added it to my ever growing stash. It didn’t stay in my stash for very long as I couldn’t wait to knit with it. IMG_2612 I searched Ravelry for a free pattern since I didn’t have any 10 ply baby patterns and came across this beautiful Otto Day cardigan. I think people who create these wonderful knitting patterns and make them available to us for free, are so generous. Thank you. This one is created by Beatrice Perron Dahlen. I loved making this little cardigan. It was so quick and easy and I think I made it in about 2 days. The pattern is written well and very easy to follow. I made the 6 month size cardigan and fitted 7 month old Mia perfectly. DSC_0241

UPDATED August 2015 (another Otto Day cardigan this time in size 24 months)

IMG_0626 (1)

Pattern book – Free pattern on Ravelry Pattern – Otto Day Cardigan 
Yarn – Tonos Worsted by Misti Alpaca and Misti Alpaca Best of Nature
Link to Ravelry here and here

Pocket Trim Crochet Cardigan for baby



I found a gorgeous little book called “cute and easy Crocheted Baby Clothes” written by Nicki Trench. I couldn’t resist this book, even though I have never crocheted a garment before but I had made intricate doilies in the 70’s. So it can’t be that hard.

The book sat on my shelf for a wee while and then one day I thought I would be brave and make something out of it. I thought I had better choose a beginner pattern because I know what I am like. If I choose something too hard and it doesn’t work out, it will put me off and I will never crochet a cute baby garment ever again.

So I chose the Pocket Trim Cardigan. And it was easy. It was all half treble and double crochet. I know that different countries use different terminology for crochet stitches but I followed the instructions in the front of the book and with a little bit of help from my amazing local yarn store, I finished the cardigan.

It just fits my little grand baby girl. It does do up around her little tummy and should fit her for another few months to get her through most of our winter.

I loved making my first crochet garment.
I learnt how to make sleeves.
I learnt how to make button bands.
I learnt how to make buttonholes.
I learnt how to make little bands for the wrist.
And I am glad my daughter loved it too.


I had a little bit of a problem with the pocket. For some reason it turned out much smaller than the one in the picture. But then the cardigan in the picture is a newborn – 3 month size and I made a 12 – 18 month size. The pocket is made the same, no matter which size cardigan you make, so I am guessing the pocket will look smaller on the bigger cardigans.

But just in case I had done something wrong, (I had undone the pocket twice but each time it came out the same size), I took it into my local yarn store where they know everything about knitting and crochet. I had done the pocket correctly but they suggested I do an extra row of white around the outside which made it a perfect size. So obvious to anyone who knows how to crochet!


I love the cardigan. I love the colour and I love the 100% baby alpaca  from my stash. So soft and perfect for baby.

Pattern book – cute and easy Crocheted Baby Clothes 
Pattern – Pocket Trim Cardigan
Yarn – Indiecita baby alpaca DK
Link to Ravelry here


Purple baby alpaca double breasted cardigan for our baby


100% baby alpaca yarn. Oh how I had picked this yarn up so many times in the store and squeezed it and sneakily squashed it against my face when no one was looking. And each time I put it back on the shelf. I just couldn’t justify paying $16NZ (8 British pounds) per 50g ball just to have in my stash.

And then one day, I saw it on sale, marked down to $12 per ball. Still expensive but it must have caught me on a weak day. I bought four balls of purple and four balls of aqua. Beautiful colours and oh so soft.


A few weeks ago, I was wandering around the local yarn store across the road from where I work (as I do many times) and I saw this cute double breasted jacket pattern in double knit that had just arrived. Aha, I can just see this knitted up with my purple baby alpaca that looks out at me from my stash bin each time I visit it.

This was a very quick knit and the pattern is well written. I did add lots of length to the jacket.I started the armholes at 18cm instead of 11cm as suggested in the pattern. I wanted to make the smallest size (56cm) for my grandbaby girl who is 10 month old but I was worried it might not fit her through the winter and I thought the next size would be too big. So I  made the smaller size but I went up one needle size, just to make it that little bit bigger. It has worked out just right. It fits her now and will hopefully last through the New Zealand winter which is almost here.

Pattern book – Naturally Yarns K574 jacket
Pattern – Double breasted jacket
Yarn – Indiecita baby alpaca DK
Link to Ravelry here

Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket by Debbie Bliss

DSC_0010 This little teddy bear jacket was the very first knitting pattern that my daughter fell in love with when she became pregnant. Her baby is now nine months old and winter is approaching here in the Southern Hemisphere. So what could be cosier than this gorgeous cable and teddy bear jacket on a cold wintery day. DSC_0012 There is much written on Ravelry about the difficulty of this Debbie Bliss pattern, mainly in the way it is written. However, it is well worth the effort if you are considering making it. But this little jacket took me way longer to knit than it should have. Many years ago I used to knit a lot of fair aisle which uses many colours of wool that are carried across the back as you go. And this is how I started to knit the teddy bears. I was merrily knitting the back and it was coming along quite quickly. After I had completed two of the teddy bear panels, (which meant I was all the way up to the armholes), I realised my teddies were not sitting properly and the moss stitch in the faces was puckered. Oh dear. I can’t have it like this. So I bundled it up and took it along to my local yarn store for advice. Easily fixed but of course it did mean I had to undo the back, all the way down to the bottom. I was meant to be knitting the teddy using the intarsia method, where you use different balls of wool for each colour and you do not carry the wool across the knitting. So now my teddy bears are sitting nicely. DSC_0005 So with the back of the jacket completed, I was onto the left front. The pattern is not well written for the fronts but I thought I had it right. So away I went, blissfully knitting and had completed the first cable panel and then my teddy bear panel. But oh dear. My teddy bear is not sitting properly. The cables under the teddy bear panel seemed to be pulling the teddy bear’s face in too tight. So I spent ages reading and rereading the pattern and I realised I had used the wrong cables for that panel. So off I went back to the LYS and asked Ell her opinion. Would this sit nicely after blocking or should I undo it and start again with the proper cable? I looked at her face as she delivered the news to me. “I would undo it, if it was mine” she said. So I did. From the armhole all the way down to the bottom. And off I went again. Merrily knitting the front knowing I had it right. I love knitting cables. I used to knit aran jerseys for my dad and he would wear them all the time. (I hope it was because he liked them and not because he felt obliged. I will never know now.) Almost finished. One back, two fronts and now up to the armholes on the first moss stitch sleeves. Arrrgh no! There, right at the bottom of the sleeve is a split stitch! Perhaps I can ignore it. Perhaps I can mend it after I have finished. Perhaps no one will notice! But they will. It looked like a little hole. Swish, swish. Down it went. Right to the bottom of the sleeve. And I started again. DSC_0003 I have now finished this marathon journey. Despite everything, I loved knitting the teddy bears. I loved knitting the cables I loved embroidering the faces on the teddys.(I practiced on the back and yes, got some silly looking bears on the back but it doesn’t matter. They are all unique.) I love the little moss stitch collar. I love the bulky moss stitch sleeves. I love that the button band was done at the same time as the fronts. I love that it fitted my grandbaby girl so perfectly. Thank you Debbie Bliss for a truly gorgeous Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket pattern. Pattern book – Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino Pattern – Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket Yarn – Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino Link to Ravelry project here

UPDATED April 2015


This still fitted Mia at 2 years but it was a bit short. So I picked up stitches from the bottom edge and added another 4 rows or garter stitch and the same number of rows of rib. It will now do a whole new season. And the baby cashmerino yarn has worn so well.

Pattern book – Baby Cashmerino by Debbie Bliss
Pattern – Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket
Yarn – Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Link to Ravelry here

Brightly striped short sleeve summer cardigan for baby


I bought some brightly coloured, machine washable, deliciously soft, Sirdar Snuggly baby bamboo yarn on sale. Three skeins. Maybe not enough to make a cardigan for our little 6 month old bubba but I have a striped Sirdar pattern that uses this yarn so I just need two more colours. I wonder what colours I can find to go with this very vibrant orange.

After a trip to my local yarn store I now have a skein of hot pink and a skein of sunshine yellow to go with the orange. Did I mean to come out with those colours? Not really but the shop had very limited stock. So limited that this is all they had. So a bright summer short sleeve cardigan in bright orange, hot pink and sunshine yellow. Perfect for a lovely summer day.


The baby doesn’t seem to mind the bright colours.

Pattern book – Sirdar leaflet 1916
Pattern – Short sleeve cardigan
Yarn – Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK
Link to Ravelry project here