Little Heart Sweater and matching hat


My grand babies are growing bigger and bigger. They have both had their third birthdays and knitting for them has changed a lot since they were babies.

No longer can I make little tiny cardigans or cute little onesies or even bootees or pants. No, now I knit warm and practical knits to wear to Pre School.

Unfortunately most of the many pattern books I have are baby knit books and go up to size 18 months, which of course is far too small for these two busy toddlers. But I do have some  pattern books that range in size from birth to seven years. These King Cole books are amazing as you can use them for such a long time and the patterns are really cute.

Although my daughter asked for two cardigans and a hat with ear flaps, I couldn’t resist this little heart sweater and matching beanie in the King Cole Baby Book Number 6. The hat doesn’t have ear flaps but it still keeps her little ears warm. The sweater has a perfect sized neck and goes over her head nicely without pulling little ears and hair each time it is tugged off and on.


And the cardigans? I have finished one and the other one is underway.


Pattern book – King Cole Baby Book 6
Pattern – Little Heat Jersey and Little Petal Hat
Yarn – Filatura Di Crosa Zara
Link to Ravelry project here and here for the hat





    1. Yes she does. And I saw the cardigan last week after it had been worn at pre school and it was COVERED in paint! But I like to see that, as it is well loved and keeps her warm while she is painting .

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