Simply blue booties by Val Pierce


I must remember next time that Val Pierce’s bootees are “huge”. If I knit bootees, it is usually for a newborn and these are definitely not a newborn size. Her patterns are one size only so next time I will use a finer wool to see if that helps.

When Sebastian was first born, I made baby him a tiny pair of Hooties bootees and these rather large blue ones from my Val Pierce bootee book. I can only hope that Sebastian got some wear out of them before the cold days turned into summer. But then again, I am not sure if they are a very good pattern as they don’t have anything to hold them onto baby’s feet. I think next time I make bootees I won’t let my girls have such a wide selection of patterns to choose from. I think I will select only bootees patterns that look like they will stay on. 

Pattern book – Twenty to Make :Knitted Baby Bootees by Val Pierce
Pattern – Simply Blue Bootees
Yarn – Patons Dreamtime 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here



  1. I was hoping someone could help me with the pattern. I am stuck at the end. I finished the instep, and don’t seem to understand how to do the twisted cuff

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