A pair of monster pants for Mia please


I was at a lull in my knitting and wanted another project to do.

So I asked my daughter “what would you like me to knit next?”
She replied, “a pair of pants please.”
I asked “what type of pants?”
She replied “a pair of monster pants for Mia please”.

So monster pants she has and in colours of her choice.


Mia says “I wear them at the beach and I wear them when I go for walks with my dad and my pink trike.”

Pattern website – Ravelry Download – Monster Longies
Pattern – Monster Longies (free pattern)
Yarn – Naturally Loyal 8ply and Moda Vera Pure Wool Extra Twist
Link to Ravelry here



    1. ahhh, I have tricked you a little without meaning to. These are not actually the funky pants. I decided to do them next week as they are too similar to the previous post.
      And I was cropping the monster pants photo my daughter sent me and couldn’t resist putting up the monster pants. 🙂

  1. WOW!!!! I feel inspired, Well. not to knit, but maybe to craft something out of wood. Perhaps a turning. Haven’t turned in a few years now. Hope I don’t have to relearn much.
    OK! My big question is——-How do you find the time to do all you do?? And your knitting is gorgeous.

    1. 😊 thank you Ed! That is so kind.
      I knit in the car on the way to and from work while husband drives so that gives me about an hour each day and again at night watching TV gives me another couple of hours. It doesn’t take me away from my chicken time. 🐥 I am never doing nothing.
      Good luck if you start turning again.

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