A very pretty stitch pattern to knit



This is so pretty and it doesn’t even use a cable needle. I will show you the finished garment once finished and blocked. I started this last night and was so taken with the stitch. What do you think it might be? Here is the pattern in case you want to use it.

Pow 1 = P2 S1 K2 PSSO P2
Row 2 = K2 P1 YRN P1 K2
Row 3 = P2 K3 P2
Row 4 = K2 P3 K2

If you have any problems understanding the terms I have used above, leave a comment and I will happily explain further.

Here is the link to the finished item.



      1. I’m looking forward to seeing the f.o.! I’ve also seen the stitch done in miniature form on socks, which also looks very nice.

    1. Hi
      S1 means to slip the next stitch from the left needle onto the right needle without knitting it.
      PSSO is short for pass slip stitch over. This means that you lift the slipped stitch up and lift it over the 2 that you have just knitted. Just like casting off. If this doesn’t make sense, try googling it.
      YRN means to wrap the yarn over the needle. This makes another stitch that replaces the one you slipped (“cast off”) in the previous row.
      Hope this all makes sense.

      1. Have you made any yet? I started my first pair in January in the Socks with Sarah KAL …very reluctantly I should add…and I am loving knitting socks. On my 8th pair now. You should definitely give it a try, if you haven’t yet.

      2. I havent yet. Mainly because i have lots of baby things still to do. I imagine when they dont want my hand knits anymore, i wil try socks. They sound a bit addictive.

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