Organic cotton 4ply ribbed singlet for a newborn baby boy


A little baby born in the middle of summer in Darwin. So a little light cotton 4ply vest was the choice of knits for this baby boy. He could wear this little vest with just his nappy and he should look cool and very cute.

This was knitted with organic hand wash cotton. Not something I would normally knit with for a new mum as there is enough to do with a new baby in the house without having to hand wash clothes. But I know that this mum uses a lot of organic cotton for her children so I am fairly sure I am not doing her a disservice.

When my children were babies, all wool (and cotton) was hand wash only and the washing machines definitely did not have hand wash or wool wash cycles. But I think with today’s washing machine technology, it is safe to wash these items on the appropriate cycle and not damage them. But of course I still hand wash all my knitted garments by hand. Probably doing myself a disservice!

I have knitted this singlet pattern before and I think it will be the last time. The instructions for sewing up the neckline are a bit vague and I always end up with a bumpy neckline where it joins the armhole. I spoke to the lovely lady in my LYS who had knitted this same singlet as a shop sample and she said the same thing. Her shop sample, like mine had a bumpy neckline instead of a nice neat flat one.

Pattern Leaflet – Ashford Ribbed Singlet Mackenzie 4ply
Pattern – Ribbed singlet
Yarn – Heirloom 4ply organic cotton
Link to Ravelry here


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