Rapunzel from my favourite Rowan book – Studio 30 birth to 5 years


Here is another one from my favourite babies and kids pattern book, Rowan Studio 30 pattern book. It is called Rapunzel.

I just love the colour of this little cardigan. In fact I loved it so much that I decided to make one exactly the same. So determined was I to make it exactly the same, that I searched the world’s online knitting stores for the Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK – colour Flower, since there was no one in New Zealand who sold it. And yes, I did look in my local yarn store for a similar type yarn and colour but there was nothing. This gorgeous merino and silk has a vibrance of colour that no other yarn had that I could find. Many of the yarns I looked at were either solid colours or variegated. This one has a very slight marl, which I think adds to its vibrance. And it is oh so very soft.


Rapunzel is a long cardigan with three buttons and a very pretty lace panelled yoke. The lace pattern instructions were very easy to follow and the pattern did not have any mistakes, which is always a bonus. The bands were knitted with the fronts and sat nicely after being blocked.

The only problem I had was trying to find buttons to match and because the little girl was about to get on a plane to fly back home to the UK, I didn’t have the luxury of time to find the perfect buttons. So good enough had to do.

But a wonderful bonus. The online knitting store made a mistake and sent me the wrong colour initially. They sent me Dawn, a beautifully soft grey and when I let told them, they very kindly sent me the correct colour and as an apology said I could keep the grey. So I might make another one for another special little girl.

UPDATED February 2015

I have since made another one of these little cardigans. This one is being worn to help feed the chickens.


Pattern book – Rowan Studio issue thirty
Pattern – Rapunzel
Yarn – Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK
Link to Ravelry here and here



  1. I need help with some of the instructions. Left front. I’m down to the point of incorporating the PATT PANEL. at the end of row 4 it says work 2 rows, ending with RS facing for next row. What 2 rows?

  2. My name is Jane, I live in the UK and I’ve been following your blog since 2014 when my second grandchild, first granddaughter was born in New Zealand. I only came back to knitting because my grandson’s mum was so enthusiastic and encouraged, and pushed me to do all sorts of things I’d never done before, using wool and patterns just not available to me in the 70’s and 80’s when my 3 children were born! I have been totally inspired by your beautiful knits and I’m so envious of your being able to visit friendly yarn shops, most of my purchases are from the internet as most wool shops here have closed down. I have bought several of the books you have used and made many garments that you have made. OK I’m a copy cat!! I have often meant to contact you to thank you as I’ve had so much enjoyment making (and sewing – little Spanish dress!) many garments. I am so surprised that my 3 children all love hand knits so much, I really had thought knitting had gone out of fashion – thank goodness I kept all my needles. I now have 2 more grandchildren, 10 months and 15 months, and this summer expecting 2 more! That will be 2 apiece for each child so that will probably be that! We spend our lives visiting the island where my daughter lives, New Zealand where one son lives, thank goodness our other son lives not too far away. Sorry I have rambled on, but if you have got this far I have a massive favour to ask you. I am Knitting Rapuzel from the Rowan studio 30 book, which you have done (beautifully) twice. I did the back, sleeves, and both fronts to the yoke bit before realising the pattern refers to a chart which isn’t printed in the book! I have tried contacting Rowan using details from their website, but they’ve not responded to any of my emails or telephone messages. The book is now discontinued and I’m stuck. I’ve promised this cardigan for Easter and didn’t know what to do, when I thought of you. Do you still have the book and if so would you be able to scan the chart and email it to me? I would be so grateful. If you cannot help it doesn’t matter, I am so glad to have had the opportunity to contact you. Your grandchildren are adorable, and thank you so much for a very inspirational blog. Many thanks, Jane.

    1. Hi Jane,
      I am so busy at work at the moment that I go to bed thinking about work, I dream about work and wake up thinking of work. Then I get in the car at 6:30am to travel to work and while my husband drives, I pick up the iPad and check my blog.
      This morning finding your comment reminds me of the pleasure we get from knitting for our babies and it chased all of my work stresses away.
      I haven’t added anything to my blog for a while, mainly due to not being as happy with the recent knits and/or not having the right photos.
      I have spent the last few months knitting a fair aisle cardigan for myself. I have done the back and both fronts and have started the first sleeve.
      But since it is now Autumn in New Zealand, my daughter has requested her daughter’s winter knits, so the fair aisle cardigan has been put down and the toddler patterns have been brought out. We have chosen the 2 winter knits and I have made a start on a gorgeous cable cardigan in a lovely navy blue wool with pink flecks. I am loving the way it is knitting up so will be persistent in getting a blog-worthy photo once it is done.
      Thank you so much for reminding me that the current unpleasant work stress can always be undone with knitting.
      Please let me know your email address and I will scan the chart and send to you.

      1. Hi Bev It was lovely to get your email this morning. First I must apologise for my very long message on your blog. I have never posted anything before and assumed it would be private, not clogging up your comments bit! I am sorry to hear your work situation is so stressful and hope things will resolve in the near future. I look forward to one day seeing how your fairisle knit turns out, and definitely the navy cable cardi sounds lovely – maybe one for me to recreate for my kiwi toddler ! This is my email for the Rapunzel chart : janes@stonez.co.uk Thank you so much Kind regards Jane

      2. Hi Bev, Rowan have just got back to me. I’m an idiot!! There is no chart, instead a pattern panel written out at the beginning, under the sizes, tension etc, and I hadn’t noticed it. Because I have recently completed the Kurt design which used a chart, I expected the same with this one. Especially as there was a chart sized blank bit on the last page! So sorry to have troubled you, tho not sorry at all to have got in touch. Kind regards Jane

      3. Lol. That’s so funny! I am so glad you are all sorted. Good luck with it. You should finish it by Easter as it is a quick knit. I am also glad you got “stuck” and took the time to write. Are you on Ravelry? If so, can I have your user name so I can friend you and enjoy your work?

      4. I have finished the Rapunzel and am very pleased with it, I just have to find buttons, although I do have some that will do. I am a member of Ravelry and use it a lot – it’s probably where I found the link to your blog. It’s never occurred to me to post anything on it myself! Maybe after my 2 grandbabies are born this summer and things calm down in the autumn I will look in to it. If so I will let you know. Hope you have a happy Easter and a nice break from the stresses at work.

        Best Regards


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