A little pink Debbie Bliss tank top


There are some Debbie Bliss baby patterns that are just so irresistible. For some reason, this is one of them. It is a simple little tank top but the detail is so dainty and oh so cute. The purl stitch on the knit side (and then purl on the reverse side) is such a simple stitch and needs very little concentration.


There is a dainty little opening at the back to give an easy fit over baby’s rather large head with one little buttonhole and one pink button to hold it together. I just love the way the neck and armhole edges are cast off knit wise on the wrong side to just add another little feature.


So here is my first baby girl vest. Our baby girl is 12 months old and the biggest size for this pattern is 9-12 months. To make it even harder on myself, I am using 4ply when the pattern is written for 5ply. So I was a bit worried that the vest might be too small. But our little girl is an average size 1 year old and I had read from the wonderful Ravelry people that the pattern knits up quite big, as do many Debbie Bliss patterns.

So I knitted away “with confidence” after doing a tension square and luckily the vest has turned out to be a perfect size for our one year old baby girl.
I love the colour. I love the little pattern detail and I love the back opening.

Pattern book – Debbie Bliss The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits
Pattern – Vest
Yarn – Fabulous Fibres Wooly 4ply Baby Merino
Link to Ravelry here



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