Pocket Trim Crochet Cardigan for baby



I found a gorgeous little book called “cute and easy Crocheted Baby Clothes” written by Nicki Trench. I couldn’t resist this book, even though I have never crocheted a garment before but I had made intricate doilies in the 70’s. So it can’t be that hard.

The book sat on my shelf for a wee while and then one day I thought I would be brave and make something out of it. I thought I had better choose a beginner pattern because I know what I am like. If I choose something too hard and it doesn’t work out, it will put me off and I will never crochet a cute baby garment ever again.

So I chose the Pocket Trim Cardigan. And it was easy. It was all half treble and double crochet. I know that different countries use different terminology for crochet stitches but I followed the instructions in the front of the book and with a little bit of help from my amazing local yarn store, I finished the cardigan.

It just fits my little grand baby girl. It does do up around her little tummy and should fit her for another few months to get her through most of our winter.

I loved making my first crochet garment.
I learnt how to make sleeves.
I learnt how to make button bands.
I learnt how to make buttonholes.
I learnt how to make little bands for the wrist.
And I am glad my daughter loved it too.


I had a little bit of a problem with the pocket. For some reason it turned out much smaller than the one in the picture. But then the cardigan in the picture is a newborn – 3 month size and I made a 12 – 18 month size. The pocket is made the same, no matter which size cardigan you make, so I am guessing the pocket will look smaller on the bigger cardigans.

But just in case I had done something wrong, (I had undone the pocket twice but each time it came out the same size), I took it into my local yarn store where they know everything about knitting and crochet. I had done the pocket correctly but they suggested I do an extra row of white around the outside which made it a perfect size. So obvious to anyone who knows how to crochet!


I love the cardigan. I love the colour and I love the 100% baby alpaca  from my stash. So soft and perfect for baby.

Pattern book – cute and easy Crocheted Baby Clothes 
Pattern – Pocket Trim Cardigan
Yarn – Indiecita baby alpaca DK
Link to Ravelry here




  1. Dear sweet grandma, i love ur handiwork,, well done. I am doing this cardigan now from the book and i just finished the back side, then i reached the instructions about the sleeves and i am lost. Is it crocheted as a seperate piece or somewhere within the back. I really appreciate ur help. 🙂 Hiba

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I am at work so don’t have the pattern with me but from memory you do it all in one piece. The stitches for the sleeves are cast on (sorry I know that is a knitting term) as part of doing the back when you get to the armholes. If you are stil stuck let me know and I’ll check my pattern when I’m home.

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