When can a ball of yarn be called faulty?


When can a ball of yarn be called faulty?

Balls of yarn are annoying when they have knots.
Balls of yarn are annoying when they have thicker or thinner bits when they are not meant to.
Balls of yarn are annoying when they fluff or pill as you knit.
Balls of yarn are annoying when they have foreign objects or sticks in them.
Balls of yarn are annoying when they don’t unravel tidily as you knit.

But these can all be part and parcel of knitting or crocheting with a ball of yarn.

But balls of yarn should not have broken bits. I was knitting a lace pattern with a ball of 100% merino Patons Dreamtime  4ply. I had used one ball and had no problems with it. Then as I started the front of the lace overdress with a new ball of the same wool, I got a surprise. All of a sudden as I was knitting just a few rows into this new ball of yarn, it was suddenly not attached to the rest of the ball. Almost as though someone was playing a trick on me and had cut it when I wasn’t looking.

But no, no one had cut it or played a trick on me. The ball of yarn was just as you see it in the photo above. So I undid the row that I had almost finished (annoying when it is an intricate lace pattern) so I could rejoin the yarn at the beginning of a row. And off I went knitting my intricate lace once again and oh dear, within the next two rows there it was again. Another broken piece. I found three broken pieces within four rows.

So I stopped, put that ball aside and picked up a third one that I had. Thank goodness, no broken pieces in that one and I could finish my lace overdress in peaceful knitting bliss.

So what did I do with that faulty ball of yarn? I took it back to the shop where I had bought it a few days earlier and they kindly replaced it and even gave me back the faulty one. Great customer service.



  1. I use Paton baby fab do both in pink multicolored and blue multicolored both has had joins and knots in it I crochet blankets. It was 8 balls of wool I had to keep cutting and rejoining.

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