Purple baby alpaca double breasted cardigan for our baby


100% baby alpaca yarn. Oh how I had picked this yarn up so many times in the store and squeezed it and sneakily squashed it against my face when no one was looking. And each time I put it back on the shelf. I just couldn’t justify paying $16NZ (8 British pounds) per 50g ball just to have in my stash.

And then one day, I saw it on sale, marked down to $12 per ball. Still expensive but it must have caught me on a weak day. I bought four balls of purple and four balls of aqua. Beautiful colours and oh so soft.


A few weeks ago, I was wandering around the local yarn store across the road from where I work (as I do many times) and I saw this cute double breasted jacket pattern in double knit that had just arrived. Aha, I can just see this knitted up with my purple baby alpaca that looks out at me from my stash bin each time I visit it.

This was a very quick knit and the pattern is well written. I did add lots of length to the jacket.I started the armholes at 18cm instead of 11cm as suggested in the pattern. I wanted to make the smallest size (56cm) for my grandbaby girl who is 10 month old but I was worried it might not fit her through the winter and I thought the next size would be too big. So I  made the smaller size but I went up one needle size, just to make it that little bit bigger. It has worked out just right. It fits her now and will hopefully last through the New Zealand winter which is almost here.

Pattern book – Naturally Yarns K574 jacket
Pattern – Double breasted jacket
Yarn – Indiecita baby alpaca DK
Link to Ravelry here



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