A little man’s cable cardigan for George


I made this little cable cardigan at Christmas time for a five year old boy named George who lives in the UK. I finished it the day before George and his family flew out from New Zealand to go home. His mum didn’t try it on him but said she would send a photo of George wearing the cardigan once they were back home.


So I waited and I waited and after a few months, there was still no photo. And then I heard that the cardigan didn’t fit and it had been passed on to another little boy who needed something warm to wear for the cold UK winter.

When I had the idea to knit for George and his sister for Christmas, I chose from my Rowan studio issue thirty kids book that had gorgeous patterns from birth to 5 years and because George was an “average” size five year old, I didn’t even think for one moment that the 5 year old cardigan size would not fit.

The finished size for the Kurt cable cardigan that I knitted is 69cm (27 inches). I still have no idea whether that is a normal five year old finished size or not. I did find this knitting guide for children’s sizes and it shows a finished size for a four year old is 71cm (28inches) but who is to know if that is right either. I know the sizings are just meant to be a guide but I am still really disappointed that I got this one so wrong. I guess I have only myself to blame and I have put this experience down to learning.

Apart from the problem with the size, this was such great fun to knit. The cables were not difficult and the pattern was easy to memorise after a few rows. The shawl collar sits nicely and the finished cardigan is just perfect for a little man. I hope the little man in the UK kept warm and cosy in his cardigan and that he had lots of fun wearing it.


Pattern book – Rowan Studio issue thirty
Pattern – Kurt
Yarn – Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8ply
Link to Ravelry here



  1. That’s adorable. I have two nephews and soon to be two nieces, and even though they’re different ages, I’d love to knit something like that for them. I’ve done no sweaters, unfortunately, but I think a baby or child sweater would be a good starter project.

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