Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket by Debbie Bliss

DSC_0010 This little teddy bear jacket was the very first knitting pattern that my daughter fell in love with when she became pregnant. Her baby is now nine months old and winter is approaching here in the Southern Hemisphere. So what could be cosier than this gorgeous cable and teddy bear jacket on a cold wintery day. DSC_0012 There is much written on Ravelry about the difficulty of this Debbie Bliss pattern, mainly in the way it is written. However, it is well worth the effort if you are considering making it. But this little jacket took me way longer to knit than it should have. Many years ago I used to knit a lot of fair aisle which uses many colours of wool that are carried across the back as you go. And this is how I started to knit the teddy bears. I was merrily knitting the back and it was coming along quite quickly. After I had completed two of the teddy bear panels, (which meant I was all the way up to the armholes), I realised my teddies were not sitting properly and the moss stitch in the faces was puckered. Oh dear. I can’t have it like this. So I bundled it up and took it along to my local yarn store for advice. Easily fixed but of course it did mean I had to undo the back, all the way down to the bottom. I was meant to be knitting the teddy using the intarsia method, where you use different balls of wool for each colour and you do not carry the wool across the knitting. So now my teddy bears are sitting nicely. DSC_0005 So with the back of the jacket completed, I was onto the left front. The pattern is not well written for the fronts but I thought I had it right. So away I went, blissfully knitting and had completed the first cable panel and then my teddy bear panel. But oh dear. My teddy bear is not sitting properly. The cables under the teddy bear panel seemed to be pulling the teddy bear’s face in too tight. So I spent ages reading and rereading the pattern and I realised I had used the wrong cables for that panel. So off I went back to the LYS and asked Ell her opinion. Would this sit nicely after blocking or should I undo it and start again with the proper cable? I looked at her face as she delivered the news to me. “I would undo it, if it was mine” she said. So I did. From the armhole all the way down to the bottom. And off I went again. Merrily knitting the front knowing I had it right. I love knitting cables. I used to knit aran jerseys for my dad and he would wear them all the time. (I hope it was because he liked them and not because he felt obliged. I will never know now.) Almost finished. One back, two fronts and now up to the armholes on the first moss stitch sleeves. Arrrgh no! There, right at the bottom of the sleeve is a split stitch! Perhaps I can ignore it. Perhaps I can mend it after I have finished. Perhaps no one will notice! But they will. It looked like a little hole. Swish, swish. Down it went. Right to the bottom of the sleeve. And I started again. DSC_0003 I have now finished this marathon journey. Despite everything, I loved knitting the teddy bears. I loved knitting the cables I loved embroidering the faces on the teddys.(I practiced on the back and yes, got some silly looking bears on the back but it doesn’t matter. They are all unique.) I love the little moss stitch collar. I love the bulky moss stitch sleeves. I love that the button band was done at the same time as the fronts. I love that it fitted my grandbaby girl so perfectly. Thank you Debbie Bliss for a truly gorgeous Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket pattern. Pattern book – Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino Pattern – Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket Yarn – Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino Link to Ravelry project here

UPDATED April 2015


This still fitted Mia at 2 years but it was a bit short. So I picked up stitches from the bottom edge and added another 4 rows or garter stitch and the same number of rows of rib. It will now do a whole new season. And the baby cashmerino yarn has worn so well.

Pattern book – Baby Cashmerino by Debbie Bliss
Pattern – Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket
Yarn – Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Link to Ravelry here



  1. If I were you, the jacket would have been thrown across the room a few times, and then frogged. I might then have left it for a year or two, and then had another go. I admire your determination for perfection. The jacket is truly a labour of love.

    1. Thanks LittleFeet. I think it helped to read everyone’s frustrations before I started this jacket. Once I read that most people frog at least part of it, I guess I was more relaxed about it.
      Frogging the sleeve bothered me most as that was a very stupid mistake.

  2. Blimey! I look at something and think….thats very nice BUT its going to be hard work and look at something else! Well done, its lovely!

  3. I have been working on this little sweater forever – it has been a nightmare – I think I have ripped out more then I have knitted. 6 rows from being done if I don’t find anything. It’s nice to know it’s just not me.

  4. Thanks heaps for this post. I have just started this jacket and had also started knitting the first bear in fair isle style but I was only on the 12th pattern row when I became unhappy with how the bear was looking. Fortunately I got on ravelry straight away and found your post so I have unpicked and am about to start again. I have noted your other comments also so thanks heaps I hope my jacket will work out as gorgeous as yours. I am enjoying the cable pattern also.
    Best wishes and heartfelt thanks Cilla Rule

    1. I too went straight onto Ravelry when I didn’t like my first teddy bear. I didn’t find anyone who had commented on the fair aisle method vs the duplicate stitch so I am so glad I was able to help you. Good luck and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment.

  5. Thank you for sharing your ‘journey’ of knitting this jacket. I am knitting one right now and it’s good to know the teddies should not be done in fair aisle. Thanks for that tip. I too had to undo from the armpit down because i wasn’t happy with the shape of the teddies. My stitches must be shorter than the standard, so the faces looked squashed. I have to add two rows to each pattern panel, to add height, and adjusted the cables accordingly. I’ve just finished the 3rd teddy for the back so am quite a long way to the finished product yet.

  6. I am in Australia and I would dearly like to be able to get this pattern. I read that it was a free PDF download and I tried several times – all to no avail. Is there anyone out there who is able to help me get a copy of this pattern?? – I am happy to pay any costs involved.

    With fingers crossed

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