Debbie Bliss baby dress with a lace edging


When my daughter was pregnant for the very first time, she found this Debbie Bliss book full of gorgeous knitting patterns for her baby. She fell in love with the “sheep dress” so I had to buy this rather large and expensive book for that one pattern.

Now that her baby is six months old and the end of summer is on it’s way, it is time to start looking ahead at what I can knit for her as the weather gets cooler. I don’t have the yarn to make the sheep dress, so that is going to have to wait. But I do have some Debbie Bliss Eco Baby organic cotton, which is so soft and is calling out from my stash box to be  used.

I found this pattern for this little dress with a lace edge in the Debbie Bliss baby book . The smallest size is 6 to 12 months, so it should be just right. Many of Debbie Bliss’s patterns come out reasonably big, so hopefully this little dress will fit her at 9 months, which will be our Autumn.  The suggested yarn is Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton, which is a 5 ply and is discontinued. But the Eco Baby yarn I have is also a 5 ply and I had just the right amount.


This was a fun knit. I love the increases in the skirt to give it a gentle flare.
I love the detail across the chest with the line of garter stitch.
I love the way the Eco Baby organic cotton knits up with such beautiful stitch definition.
I love the little button placket at the back of the neck.
I’m not so keen on the untidiness of the decreasing on the sleeve and neck.

But I LOVE the lace edging.

UPDATED June 2014 with baby wearing the dress on her first birthday.


Pattern book – Debbie Bliss – The Baby Knits Book
Pattern – Dress with Lace Edging
Yarn – Debbie Bliss Eco Baby
Link to Ravelry project here



  1. making dress with lace edging and can’t seem ti get neck right. Is the pattern correct. It is on pg. 92/93 in “baby knits for newborns? Please help I am going crazy trying to make this dress.

    1. Hi Pat
      I’m really sorry that I can’t help you. I hope you have sorted it. I didn’t have any problems with the neck. I suggest you take your dress to your local yarn store and see if they can help you. Or perhaps ask the question on Ravelry.

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