Short Sleeve Wool Cardigan for Baby


My son bought these cute little “Blade and Rose” tights for his baby niece when she was very tiny but we knew she would grow into them.

Being a typical (aka loving) nana, I just had to make a little cardigan to match. So with tights in hand, I was prepared to visit every knitting store for the perfect colour yarn. But what a shame I didn’t have an excuse to visit every knitting store, I found the perfect match in the first store I visited. I did all of this when the baby was a few weeks old and I had no idea how big she would be when she would be wearing these tights. The label said they were size 6 to 12 months. So I bought five balls of this wool, just to be sure I had enough for whatever I decided to do with it. If she fits these tights at 12months old it would be the middle of winter and I might want to knit a long sleeve cardigan and perhaps a stripy a top to go under it so five balls should be plenty.


Well, these tights fitted her at five months! And at five months old, it is summer time here in New Zealand so a long sleeve cardigan and a top made in 100% merino wool is perhaps a bit hot. So I decided to make her a short sleeve cardigan for the cooler summer days in a 6 month size.

Oops, when I had almost finished knitting the cardigan, I realised I got my “numbers in the brackets” wrong and I had actually made a 3 month size instead. So much for planning. Never mind, it only took a few days to knit and I have PLENTY of wool left over. (This little cardigan took just over one ball of wool.) I can always make another one but this fits her for now.

This pattern is very similar to another Filatura Di Crosa cardigan I knitted in a newborn size. I love the little two buttons on both these patterns.

Pattern book – Filatura Di Crosa Baby
Pattern – Short or Long Sleeve Jacket
Yarn – Shepherds Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here



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