Magic Garden Buttons Baby Jacket


This little jacket is the third knitted object my daughter has started for her baby. I say started because she didn’t finish them all.


But she did finish this little singlet knitted in this pattern with luxurious baby alpaca 4ply yarn. She was so very proud of her first finished object for her unborn child. It took her a long time because each time she made a mistake (and that was quite often in the beginning) she had to wait until she saw me next time (often a week later) before the mistake could be fixed and she could move on to the next stitch. But she finished it a month or so before the baby was born. The singlet was gorgeously soft and luxurious. Perfect for a newborn baby.

After she finished the singlet, she decided that she would like to make something else for her baby. So we chose this little double knit garter stitch jacket knitted in one piece.

Then one day after she had got halfway through the jacket, we were in the local yarn store and she saw a little baby car seat blanket which she fell in love with and wanted to knit. I reminded her that here baby was due in a month and she was still working on the baby jacket and that she would not have time to finish the jacket and the blanket.  But her heart ruled and we went out of the shop with the wool, the needles and the pattern for the baby blanket. I reluctantly cast on the stitches for her, knowing the little jacket would be cast aside.

She never got any further on the jacket and she only managed to do about 10cm of the blanket before her baby was born. And of course I didn’t mind finishing the blanket or the jacket.

Image 13

But we did almost forget about the jacket. With the blur of a newborn being in our midst, the little unfinished jacket sat in my daughter’s knitting box until the baby was almost 3 months old. Luckily I remembered and quickly finished it just in time.

Pattern book – Naturally K551 Baby Jacket
Pattern – Single colour version baby jacket
Yarn – Naturally Magic Garden Buttons
Link to Ravelry project here



  1. My mum used the cast on for me, and correct my mistakes! She managed to coach me to the point where I could do most things myself, but anything more than a row back still got put aside until she could fix it as it took me so long. (Sadly she died while I was pregnant so I’ve had to become more proficient.) The things you knit for your grandchildren are so beautiful – they always make me wonder what my mum would have made!

      1. Please don’t be sad! I feel lucky that my lovely mum taught me a craft that I really enjoy, and it’s heart-warming seeing you doing the same!

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