Tiny baby hat to fit a premature baby


When a premature baby is born, it is sometimes hard to imagine how tiny they are. A friend has a wee baby in his care who was born 1.9kg (4.1lb). He wanted a wee hat for her to wear as she was due to come out of hospital soon and it was winter time.

Sirdar has a series of baby books called Early Arrivals and I have knitted so many things from the (Sirdar Arrivals 280) book. For each pattern there are three premature sizes as well as sizes from newborn to 12 months.

In the book there is a gorgeous little cardigan with a picot edge but it had so many comments on Ravelry about how annoying it was to pick up all the stitches for the picot edge, that it put me off making it. But I did make the hat. The photo is not very good and doesn’t show the size very well or the gorgeous little daises around the edge but I thought it still worth doing a post in case someone wants to know what size hat would fit this premature baby.

The baby was 2.3kg (5.07lb) by the time she needed the hat to come home in and I knitted the middle of the premature sizes in the book and it fitted her perfectly.

Pattern book – Sirdar Early Arrivals 280
Pattern – Design G
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here



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