Sirdar double knit hoodie for baby


I knitted this a few months ago but haven’t included it in my blog until now for two reasons, 1) the photo is terrible and 2) I am not sure if I like it. But this blog is a record of my baby knitting, so decided to include it anyway.

I had made my grandbaby boy a 0 – 3 months size hoodie, which I loved and they used it all the time for their walks. When he started to grow out of that first hoodie, his mum asked if I could make another one. I had some double knit baby merino in black and so we searched through my patterns to decide which one to make.

I guess the thing I don’t like about this little hoodie is that it is very thick. I am not so keen on double knit for babies (I prefer 4ply) but I know it is quick to knit up and very warm. But I think it is the rib pattern that seems to make this one even thicker.


But I know that he wears it and I know that he will be warm when he is out in the stroller going for long walks with his mum.


And the buttons are so cute.

Pattern book –Sirdar Early Arrivals 280
Pattern – Design A
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 8ply
Link to Ravelry here



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