Knitted pram shoes


These are called pram shoes. I am sure it is just another name for booties but the pattern says they are pram shoes.

One of my girls asked me if I would knit her another pair of booties. So I gathered together all of my bootie patterns and after she had worked her way through the pile, these are the ones she chose. I was a bit surprised, as her baby is a big boy and last time she had asked me to make booties, she chose these knitted baby gumboots , so I was not expecting her to choose something so delicate.

But I was happy to make whatever style she wanted. So we selected wool from my stash and I started to knit.

These booties are knitted from the top down. In all my previous years of knitting, I had never come across a pattern for top down booties. But I love knitting firsts, so away I went, starting with the strap (as the pattern told me to do) and then onto the booties and the pretty little picot edging.

These booties didn’t take long. Just as well. Her baby is 4 months old and so I knitted these pram shoes in the 3-6 month size. But when I had finished the first bootie, they were so tiny that they would definitely not fit a big 4 month old baby! There were more like newborn. So guessing I had done something wrong, I pulled the bootie undone and started again.

This time before I started, I checked my wool. Maybe I had made a mistake and used 4ply when the pattern was for double knit. No, the pattern is 4ply.
Maybe I had used a very thin 4ply and the pattern uses a thicker one. I had used Cleckheaton 4ply for the blue and Wendy 4ply for the grey. I hadn’t had size problems with those wools before. The pattern is from a Twilleys of Stamford baby book and uses  freedom gorgeous 4ply. I had better do a tension square to make sure I get it right this time.

So I knitted up a tension square (which took almost as long as knitting the tiny pram shoe). My tension was perfect. Ok. Maybe something had gone wrong and I had followed the newborn size by mistake.

So I started again. And wouldn’t you know it! The pram shoe came out exactly the same size. Tiny. So do I pull this one undone again and make it in the next size, 6 to 12 months? No, I will just carry on and make the other one. These pram shoes were starting to annoy me and I did not want to make 4 booties to get one pair.

Once they were done, I presented them to the mum of the big baby boy with the chubby feet and we burst out laughing.

My other girl now has them for her petite two month old baby girl. They fitted her and have done until she was three months old. But they have never been a good stay on bootie so I suggest if you want booties or pram shoes, look for another pattern. But they were fun to make and they are cute.


Pattern book – Twilleys of Stamford freedom Gorgeous 457
Pattern – Pram Shoes
Yarn – Cleckheaton Merino Bambino 4ply and Wendy Merino pure ultra soft wool 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here



  1. It no longer surprises me when patterns are wrong. I guess I used to just assume that knitting designers were either super-human, or had top-notch editors, but I’m learning that this is seldom the case. Frustrating, but true. The “pram shoes” are super cute, though! Nice work!

    1. I’m glad you said that. I thought it was just me that found that. When I used to knit years ago, it was quite rare to find an error in a pattern but now it is quite common, even with the big brands that have been around for years and should know better.

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