Candied Raspberry and Baby Orange Onesie (Peter Pan Mini Knits Playsuit)


When my daughter was pregnant, we found a fun baby knitting pattern book, Peter Pan Mini Knits Book two 326. The first thing I knitted from the book was a pretty soft pink and grey onesie. My daughter’s baby wears the pink and grey onesie almost all the time and when I asked her what she would like me to knit next, she asked for another onesie.

Because the first one was in soft pretty colours, we decided this time to move away from the traditional baby colours and go for something brighter. We chose these gorgeous colours. And what are these colours? They are 780867 and 780499. Oh how I wish that Shepherd would call their colours by name. They would sound so much more exciting. How about something like Candied Raspberry and Baby Orange.


These onesies open easily for nappy changes. I have seen other onesie patterns where it would be impossible to change a nappy without stripping the onesie off the baby first. I wonder who would design a pattern like that! Obviously not someone who has changed lots of nappies.


I love the little heart buttons and the colour matches perfectly. I just had to make sure I sewed them on properly with the points pointing downwards

Image 1

The first pink and grey onesie was knitted as per the pattern and it was sized 0 to 6 month.  How on earth can a pattern fit a baby 0 to 6 months! A baby of 0 months is quite a different size to a baby of 6 months! The first onesie fitted this average sized baby when she was seven weeks old and she is still wearing it now at 3 months but is only just long enough.

This onesie we made two stripes longer on the body and the legs, and one stripe longer on the arms. She is now 3 months old and this fits beautifully and should fit her at least another month or more.

Pattern book – Peter Pan Mini Knits Book two 326
Pattern – Playsuit in 4ply design two
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here



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