Peter Pan Cable Pants for Baby


One of my daughters dresses her baby in knitted pants most of the time. They are easy to negotiate nappy changes on kicking legs, easy to put on, soft to wear, easy to wash (merino baby washable wool) and they look good. For this first daughter, the baby pants of choice is a Panda pattern and I have now made her four pair, grey, blue, pink and white.

My other daughter was offered knitted baby pants but she didn’t think she would use them. Until of course, she saw the other daughter’s baby wearing her knitted pants. So daughter number two decided she did want some after all.

So we chose a pattern together and some grey gunmetal coloured wool from my stash and this is what we came up with.  A lovely little manly pair of knitted pants for a five month old baby boy.


I used to knit many years ago when my children were small. I used to knit aran jerseys for my dad in the 70’s. I love knitting cables. This is the first cable I have done since picking up my knitting needles again last year.


This is the very first i-cord I have ever knitted. How very simple and quick to make. These little pants are knitted in two halves and then joined in the middle before using double pointed needles to do the waist band. A lot of fun and a very quick knit in double knit. Hopefully they won’t be too hot. It is the first day of spring here in New Zealand.

Pattern book – Patons Natural Baby
Pattern – Leggings with Cable Panel
Yarn – Mill End 8ply Pure Wool
Link to Ravelry project here



  1. I just knit these up in a natural color for our newborn boy. I did not care for the way the turns looked on the backside. Did you find they detracted from the look of the garment? (Meghan, PA, USA)

    1. Hi Meghan,
      I do know what you mean but in dark grey it didn’t really detract from the look of the garment.
      I haven’t made as many from this pattern book as I expected. It may just mean I have too many books. 🙂

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