Peter Pan merino baby playsuit (or onesie)


Excuse the fact that this little playsuit doesn’t have buttons. My LYS (local yarn store) asked me to make this for their store to advertise their new Peter Pan baby merino wool and baby knitting pattern book (number 355) and I have given it back to them without buttons.

Apparently this is Peter Pan’s first pure wool. I found it quite a different wool to knit with. It has a very soft feel but is also a very dense wool. It is quite different to the Shepherds baby merino that I am used to using. If you are going to knit with this wool, check your tension before you start, otherwise you might end up with a larger garment that you expect.

I knitted a sleeping bag from the same wool (for the same LYS) and it turned out bigger than the actual measurement stated in the book. So before  I started the onesie, I knitted a tension square and found I had to go down two needle sizes. This is very unusual for me. I never usually do a tension square as my tension is usually always as stated on the ball band, but not this time.

I also found the onesie a bit of an odd size. The neck opening and sleeves look quite small compared to the size of the legs but the onesie measurements are as per the actual measurements in the book.

One other little thing about this onesie, there is no opening in the legs for nappy changes so I am not sure how practical this pattern would be. The onesie pattern I made for my granddaughter (also a Peter Pan pattern from the Mini Knits book) is probably a more practical onesie and allows easy nappy changes.

But I did enjoy knitting this. That is what I love about knitting for the LYS, I get to knit things that I wouldn’t normally do.

Pattern book – Peter Pan merino baby 355
Pattern – Playsuit
Yarn – Peter Pan merino baby
Link to Ravelry project here



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