Watermelon booties by Val Pierce


These booties are actually called Roses and Violets and were meant to be pink and mauve. I had no mauve but I did have some green I had left over from the baby bunting I had made to decorate my grandbaby’s cot. I think the green and pink go really nicely together but of course, look nothing like Roses and Violets, so mine are called Watermelon booties.


These Watermelon booties are made with 4ply and the pattern says to use a 3.75mm needle. Now that is quite a big needle for 4ply. So when first reading the pattern, I assumed the needle size would be 3.25mm so I “read” 3.25mm. It is very lucky that I “read” 3.25mm needle, as these Watermelon booties fit a 3 month old baby. (How can I be that specific? Because I tried them on my baby grandson, when his dad wasn’t looking, the week he turned 3 months old and they fitted his fat little feet perfectly.)


Pattern book – Val Pierce – Twenty to Make – Knitted Baby Booties
Pattern – Roses and Violets
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply and Cleckheaton Merino Bambino
Link to Ravelry project here



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