White knitted pants to go with the Jessica outfit


I needed a tiny pair of pants for my daughter to bring her baby girl home from the hospital.
I made her the Jessica cardigan, hat and booties set but she didn’t have any long pants to go with it, so here they are.
This pattern is a classic straight leg pant with a few rows of garter stitch as the hem but I changed the hem to a picot edge to match the rest of the Jessica set. These pants were easy and are very cute.
Based on comments from others on Ravelry who had made this pattern, I added an extra 2-3cm length to the pants as they seemed so short. I am pleased with the size.


I think the dear wee baby girl is also pleased with the size. She is a 7.5lb baby and the size fits perfectly. The two rows of shirring elastic I threaded through the top ribbing was perfect as some elastic on baby pants are too tight around their tummies.

UPDATED August 2013. My daughter loved these pants so much as they were so easy to use for her baby that I knitted her more.  And she says they are the best gift I could knit for any  baby.

UPDATED February 2014
I have made many more of these as gifts for new mums. Even a little pair of denim coloured ones for twins due to be born soon.


Pattern book – Panda Adorable Baby Knits
Pattern – Classic Pants with straight legs
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here



  1. hi girls. I am making this same Jessica cardigan, hat and booties, but as I havn’t knitted for over 25 years, and then being a learner, basically, have had a few issues. Can someone help me understand this patons terminology.
    I am currently knitting the right front of Cardigan and have got up to the shape raglan armhole. It tells me to Cast off 4 stitches at beginning of next row. 26 stitches for mine.
    Next row
    *******Knit to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1. Dec one stitch ( as in previous row) at armhole edge in every foll 4th Row 6 times, then in every foll. alt. row 0 times = 19stitches Note I’m all good to here. then it says Work 1 row.
    So can anyone tell me if this last part…… work 1 row is a purl row or does it refer to the previous instruction and do I ignore this and assume that I have already done it. ********

    Hope someone can see what I’m saying. thanks xx Prune

    1. Hi, it will be a row that you will need to do without decreasing and won’t be referring to the previous instructions. It is often included to get you to the correct end of your knitting in readiness for the next instruction. Sorry I’m replying to this on my way to work and don’t have my pattern with me to check but it seems that it is a purl row.
      If this doesn’t help you, copy your question into Ravelry and there will be lots of help for you. Good luck. 🙂

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