Grey newborn baby cardigan with pink embroidered flowers

Grey cardigan with pink flowers

I had one ball of this beautiful alpaca baby wool and decided to use it to make a tiny cardigan so that my first granddaughter who is due one week from New Zealand’s shortest day, can be toasty warm. I used a very basic cardigan pattern from the Sirdar Early Arrivals knitting book in the largest of the premature sizes to be sure it will fit in her first few weeks. I just hope that she isn’t overdue and grows too large for this cardigan before she gets a chance to wear it.

Pink flowers on grey cardigan

I had a lot of fun embroidering each flower around the base of the cardigan. I was going to use a french knot in the middle of the lazy daisy but the lady at my Local Yarn Store suggested I use a Colonial knot as they give a slightly bigger knot, which doesn’t get lost so easily on a knitted garment.

Grey cardigan pink flowers

I haven’t made a lazy daisy for many years and so I also had to google how to make them. They make this plain grey cardigan into something a bit more special.

Grey cardigan with pink flowers back

UPDATED end June 2013 to show the size of the newborn cardigan on the baby. The baby is two weeks old and this fits her perfectly. She was 7lb 5oz born.


Pattern book – Sirdar Early Arrivals Knitting Book 280
Pattern – Design I with round neck
Yarn – Indiecita Luxurious Baby Alpaca 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here



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