A warm hoody for a wee baby boy


This is the second little hoody that I have now knitted. The first one was this little pink one which I really loved. When I was in the local yarn store looking for buttons for the pink hoody, I happened to look down and saw this beautiful coloured teal wool just sitting there waiting to come home with me.

I hadn’t planned on making a hoody for my baby grandson who is due in a few weeks but when I saw this wool, it seemed to scream out for a gorgeous little manly hoody.  But there were only four balls left in the shop. For the pink hoody, I had gone into the fifth ball to complete the banding.

So I asked the shop owner if she knew of any hoody patterns that might only use four balls and she went straight to this one. The pattern is for Twilleys freedom sincere cotton, which is also a double knit and it uses only three balls. The meterage of the cotton and the Patons Dreamtime wool was about the same, so I should be fine with the four balls.

And I was. I just went into the fourth ball, even with making the jacket slightly longer than the pattern said.


The hood on this pattern was made quite differently to the pink hood I made previously. This one you increase and then decrease at the back of the head to get the hood shaping and then joined it with one seam  down the centre.


The pink hood was knitted in one piece with no shaping and then you cast off on both edges of the hood and continue knitting on the centre stitches. That way you end up with two joins at the top of the hood. I’m not sure which I prefer. I enjoyed knitting them both. I guess I will see which sits on the babies head better once they are born and dressed in their hoodies on a cold winters day.


And once again, I was worried that I might not find the perfect buttons, but I did. It took visits to two different shops before I found them. I bought these in Spotlight in Albany and the colour couldn’t have been better.

Updated to include a picture of the wee baby boy wearing it. He is six weeks old and just fits it but he is a big boy.


Pattern book – Twilleys of Stamford freedom sincere 9066
Pattern – Knitted Hooded Jacket
Yarn – Patons Dreamtime 8ply
Link to Ravelry project here



    1. I just wish I had a store near where I live that was FULL of buttons. I look at other people’s gorgeous FOs and I always have button envy.
      Glad I’m not the only one as well.

  1. Both little hoodies pink and blue are beautiful, I’m sure they will get a lot of wear in the near future!! I can’t resist buying buttons especially when I come across some that are unusual and when you get the right buttons for your project – wow its fantastic!

    1. Hi Silverstar,
      Thank you 🙂
      I bought mine from our local yarn store as a single leaflet or you could try Amazon. If you click through to the Ravelry link, the pattern page for this pattern says it is printed in 3 different publications. Hope it is still available for you.

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