Today was the first day of knitting in public!

I haven’t been brave enough to knit in public before. I don’t really know why. Why do we feel like that? Is it because we think we might be classed as being an old granny? Isn’t it only old grannies that knit? Of course it isn’t. I am not old and I am not a granny. But I will be a granny (actually a nana) in three weeks time.


This is what I was knitting when I visited my local cafe for a coffee. A lady at a nearby table called out to me and said how wonderful it was to see someone knitting. I actually felt proud. This is a little 0 – 3 months hoody for my grandson. It should fit him perfectly in the middle of our New Zealand winter.



  1. I know what mean, as much as I love knitting I don’t have the courage to knit in public, it must be an image thing. Must be brave in future and just do it!

    1. šŸ™‚ I think it is an image thing. I must admit I would never knit on the commuter bus. Not when everyone is on their apple products. Not a good look to get out my knitting.

    1. How amazing! What an amazing place to visit!
      I would love to get involved in charity knitting once I have clothed my grand babies šŸ™‚
      I have looked online a few times but I can’t find much around where I live but I’ll keep looking.

  2. I love knitting in public. I always have a project in my purse, even when I know I won’t have time to knit. So far I’ve been caught knitting in cafes, pubs, on the beach and at my favourite spa. And it’s a great feeling when complete strangers come up to admire the work you are doing. As for charity knitting, you could always check out the local hospitals. You’d be amazed at how many new parents seem to forget things like hats for their new babies.

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