My first pair of baby leggings

I have never knitted baby leggings before. I had some spare baby wool and thought I would try them.


I found a pattern in the Sirdar Early Arrivals Knitting Book that used one ball of wool so I cast on and started to knit. I had one ball of Cleckheaton Merino Bambino in a creamy white colour that I had found in an oddments bin in the local wool store. These cute little leggings are knitted from the bottom up and were fun to watch grow on the needles. Until I got halfway up the tummy / bottom area.
I ran out of wool!
How could that be? I checked and rechecked the pattern. It said one ball, even for the next size up!

Luckily I had been searching on Trademe (New Zealand’s equivalent of Ebay) for yarn a few days ago and had bought four balls of Cleckheaton Merino Bambino in the same creamy white colour. I had loved the wool so much that I had decided to buy it for another baby project. So I waited for that to arrive in the post. I just had to hope the batch wasn’t too different to the one I have.

The baby wool arrived in the post and I was so happy. The batch numbers were the same! What are the chances of that! So I continued my way through the rest of the leggings. They took a total of one and a half skeins. When I went into the local wool store to  buy the shirring elastic for the waist, I mentioned that the pattern had given the  wrong amount of wool and told her my story. She nicely pointed out that the pattern I had used was for Sirdar Snuggly which is an acrylic yarn and therefore weighs lighter than wool. There are 226 metres of yarn in the Sirday Snuggly skein and there was only 177 metres in my skein. I learnt a very valuable lesson with these leggings. If you are not using the same yarn as suggested by the pattern, always check the meterage.


I loved making these little leggings. The little gusset is so cute and I enjoyed putting them together. I still have three and a half balls of wool left, enough for another little baby project. I am not sure what yet. Maybe a little cardigan to go with these leggings.

UPDATED April 26 2013
I have since made a cardigan to go with these cute little leggings.

UPDATED September 2013
Updated to add a photo of the baby wearing these leggings. She is 3 months old and an average size baby. The pattern was made 0 to 3 months so just be aware if you are making these that they are on the larger size.

Image 1

Pattern book – Sirdar Early Arrivals Knitting Book
Pattern – Design B (Leggings)
Yarn – Cleckheaton Merino Bambino
Link to Ravelry project here


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