My baby grandson needs a hat to wear home from the hospital


My little grandson is due to be born in three weeks. His mum doesn’t have a hat. So guess what I did? Of course I went straight home and knitted him one.

I had made him a cute wee man’s cardigan but the pattern I had used didn’t have a hat to go with it. So I used the Jessica pattern that I had made before for the number of stitches and the basic pattern to follow.  Then I had to decide which stitches to use for the hat.


The idea was to use two of the stitch patterns from the cardigan above but once I had started the hat, it was so tiny that I think if I had used two different stitches, it would have spoilt the simplicity of the hat. A very sweet but manly little hat and I am sure his Mum will love it too once I give it to her this weekend, along with the cardigan and the shawl I made for her.

Image 1

UPDATED April 2013
This little baby was born 4.06 grams (9lb) and the hat fitted him from birth. He is 2 days old in this photo.

Pattern book – Patons Newborn Collection
Pattern – Jessica (for size but I made the pattern up to match the cardigan)
Yarn – Shepherds Baby Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry here



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