Indiecita Luxurious Baby Alpaca cardigan, hat and booties


There were two boys due to be born this year in our family, or so we thought. But then my daughter had her 20 week scan and her baby is a girl.  We hadn’t even thought about knitting for girls so we weren’t very prepared with pretty newborn girl’s patterns. So we started searching.

When I started knitting again after many years, I noticed my daughter watching how it was done. She asked me one day if I thought she could do it. Of course she could. So for Christmas I bought her a pattern book for a simple  little baby singlet with a heart motif and some alpaca baby yarn.

And in that same book, there was the pattern for this gorgeous little cardigan, booties and hat. So I went out and bought enough of the pretty pink in the baby alpaca yarn to make the set. I must say that this is some of the nicest yarn I have ever knitted with. I will definitely be buying more of it. The pattern book is a Filatura di Crosa using  Super Cashmere(100% cashmere) but I bought 100% alpaca based on advise from the owner of the Crafty Knitwit store and the price of the yarn, which was about half the price of the cashmere.


The cardigan turned out a little bigger than some of the other newborn cardigans I have made but only by a couple of centimetres so it should fit her from birth through to the end of winter. I love the simple moss stitch detail of this pattern and the little buttonhole band adds to the overall design.


The little hat and booties were so quick to make. The hat is a lovely size for a tiny newborn head, so hope the baby is born a “normal” size baby. But it is so quick to make that I could do another one in an evening if this doesn’t fit. The booties were the simplest booties I have ever made. No turning for the traditional instep. Just lots of decreasing of stitches. I am going to get my daughter to make these booties to match her little singlet once it is finished, as they are so quick and easy. Her little singlet is in a gorgeous fawn / brown colour.


UPDATED July 2013. Fits baby perfectly at four weeks old. She was 7 1/2 lb born.


UPDATED August 2013 with photo of booties being worn at 8 weeks. They are a great “stay on” booties, even with lots of happy kicks while talking to uncle.


UPDATED Sept 2013 to show the cardigan still fits at 3 months.


Pattern book – Filatura do Crosa Supercashmere BKSC1
Pattern – 10 Jacket & Hat and 12 Booties
Yarn – Indiecita Luxurious Baby Alpaca 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here



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