A cotton cable cardigan for a brand new baby


I have a friend a work who is due to have her baby at the beginning of the New Zealand summer. I wanted to make her baby something to wear and decided that organic cotton would be the yarn of choice and it would be made into a long sleeve newborn cardigan for the cooler days.

The design and colour were a bit more difficult to decide since we do not know if this little baby will be a boy or a girl. (That is only known by the mum and dad.)

I wanted a nice soft 4ply cotton so that the cardigan wouldn’t be too bulky for a tiny newborn baby. I had some cotton left over from a tiny singlet I had made for another newborn summer baby (in Darwin, Australia where it is extremely hot) so decided to use that.

Now for the pattern. I didn’t want to do anything lacy in case it was a boy. I didn’t want anything too manly in case it was a girl. But I had a sneaky suspicion that this baby was going to be a boy so I decided on soft cables for the front.


This was a very simple pattern and it took me only a few nights to make. I call it my election cardigan as I made most of it while watching the New Zealand elections. The blanket in the background of the photo is the Debbie Bliss sampler blanket.

Pattern book – Sirdar 280 Early Arrivals Knitting Book
Pattern – Design C preemie layette
Yarn – Heirloom cotton 4ply
Link to Ravelry here 

Funky pants for Sebastian


When my daughter found out that her step sister was having a baby, she asked me if I would knit Sebastian a pair of the pants that she found so useful when her baby was a newborn.

I have made many, many pairs of these pants but I had never made them with variegated yarn before. I love the way they have turned out. When I showed these to a friend of mine, she called them funky, so the name has stuck.

I had made the Puerperium Cardigan that everyone loves in this same variegated yarn and I loved it so much that I made these pants from the leftovers. Don’t worry, I put a note in her knitted parcel to say that she didn’t have to use the cardigan and pants at the same time. I think that would be a bit much for a wee bubba. (I got a bit carried away. There is a hat too in the same yarn. Please mummy, don’t let Sebastian wear all of these together.😄)

Pattern book – Panda Adorable Baby Knits
Pattern – Classic Pants with straight legs
Yarn – Shepherds Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry project here

A Debbie Bliss baby blanket for Sebastian



This is my third baby blanket I have made in the last two years.

The first one was for my first grandbaby boy, Memphis.
The second one was for my first grandbaby girl, Mia.
The third one is for my second grandbaby boy, Sebastian.

Sebastian hasn’t been born yet. He is due in the middle of December in the cold north of England. Sebastian’s mum is my husband’s daughter, so I let him choose the pattern. I think he chose wisely. This blanket made of aran panels with moss stitch in between, is cosy and warm.

The Sampler Blanket was designed by Debbie Bliss and is in a couple of her books, Blankets, Bears & Booties (aka Booties, Blankets & Bears) and The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits.

It is knitted in one piece, which means there is no stitching together of panels and no border to be knitted at the end, which is great considering the blanket takes such a long time to knit.


I used the same yarn as I did for the other two baby blankets because they both still look amazing, even after so many washes.

This is my first blog post in a while because most of my recent knitting has been for Sebastian’s mum and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for her, just in case she reads my blog. She has now received her knitting parcel so no surprise had been spoiled.

Pattern book – Blankets, Bears & Booties / Booties, Blankets & Bears and The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits
Pattern – Sampler Blanket
Yarn – Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry here

No-sew traditional baby booties



I am not into traditional baby booties. I used to knit them many years ago for my babies but I’m not sure what it is about them now that makes me not want to knit them. I think the main reason is that they never seem to stay on those tiny, little kicking feet.

I did make these Jemima Puddleduck booties for my daughter’s baby when she was a few months old but I think they came off in the pram.
I also made these Debbie Bliss sandals but they didn’t stay on any better.
I made these watermelon booties for a friend at work whose wife was having a baby. I made them because they were cute but I have no idea if they stayed on or not. I didn’t get any feedback.

So you see, when my daughter saw a pair of traditional style booties in our LYS and asked me if I would make some for her friend at work, I accepted with trepidation. Maybe people don’t like booties anymore. Maybe booties are just not practical and won’t stay out on those little feet. Maybe they are  old-fashioned. But despite my misgivings, I agreed to make a pair for her friend.

Ah, but there was a catch. She also wanted me to make her friend one of these beautiful Royal New Zealand Plunket Society singlets and wanted the booties to match. The catch is that this singlet is made with 2ply yarn and so  I would need to find a 2ply bootie pattern. Surely it can’t be that hard to find. The internet and Ravelry are full of free baby knitting patterns. But no, how wrong I was. There were not many 2ply baby bootie patterns at all.

The singlet pattern is so pretty and many babies I have knitted for recently have been boys or the mums have not wanted anything “girly” so I really wanted to make this pretty little 2ply singlet. So I kept looking and finally found this free bootie pattern. They can be made with any weight yarn from 2ply through to aran / worsted weight. Same pattern, different size needles and the smaller the yarn weight, the smaller the bootie.

But this is a bootie pattern with a difference. This is a “no sew” bootie and here is the description of how they are made. “The sole of the bootie is knit first in garter stitch back and forth and the stitches for the side of the foot are picked up and knit in the round. The instep is knit back and forth in garter stitch and then the cuff is knit in the round until cast off.”

You can omit the flower on the instep if you want a more masculine or unisex bootie.

So here is the end result and I love them and feel happy that I was asked to knit them.



I am not sure if they stayed on the little kicking feet or not but I am guessing they probably didn’t. But I know my knitting was appreciated. The mum used the singlet for her daughter’s photo shoot. I felt very proud to hear that.


Pattern – No Sew Bootie-full Booties (free pattern)
Yarn – Patons Australia Dreamtime 2ply
Link to Ravelry project here


A pair of monster pants for Mia please


I was at a lull in my knitting and wanted another project to do.

So I asked my daughter “what you you like me to knit next?”
She replied, “a pair of pants please.”
I asked “what type of pants?”
She replied “a pair of monster pants for Mia please”.

So monster pants she has and in colours of her choice.


Mia says “I wear them at the beach and I wear them when I go for walks with my dad and my pink trike.”

Pattern website – Ravelry Download – Monster Longies
Pattern – Monster Longies (free pattern)
Yarn – Naturally Loyal 8ply and Moda Vera Pure Wool Extra Twist
Link to Ravelry here

Puerperium cardigan for a newborn


It wasn’t until after my grand babies were born that I found this great free pattern on Ravelry. And of course the babies were far too big for it by then. So I added the pattern to my Ravelry library in readiness for the next newborn to come along.

That was over a year ago. And now I have another grand baby due mid December but this next one will be born into the middle of the North England winter just south of Newcastle. Poor little freezing cold bubba. So of course there are things being knitted for him here in New Zealand to help keep him warm.

While I was planning (I love the planning stage) which New Zealand hand knits this little boy was going to be wearing, I had completely forgotten about the Puerperium pattern until I happened to see this gorgeous one on The Prune Tree blog. I want to make one just like that. But of course I didn’t have any beautiful red and green variegated wool but I did have a blue, brown and white machine washable merino. Just right for baby.

But my multi coloured wool in my stash was 4ply and the pattern uses double knit. Hmmm. Well, the very knowledgeable lady in my LYS told me once that 4ply can be knitted double stranded, making it the same as a DK. So I knitted a tension square to see if she was right. Of course she was. The 2 strands of 4ply knitted together was exactly the same tension size as a DK. Amazing!

But being a variegated yarn, I had to be careful that I started each ball in the same colour place otherwise it would have come out in a big jumble of unclassified colour.

I really hope this fits out little baby boy. The pattern is written for a 3-4kg (7-9lb) baby, so I hope he is born smaller than my other grand baby boy. He was a 9lb baby so this would not have fitted him for more than a few days!

This is a very quick knit with no seaming and the pattern is free. I imagine it is possibly the most knitted free pattern on Ravelry with 5296 of these cardigans so far being made. Kelly Brooker designed the pattern and allowed us to have the pattern for free. Thank you for your generosity, Kelly.

Pattern website – Ravelry Download – Pekapeka Design Studio
Pattern – Puerperium Cardigan (free pattern)
Yarn – Shepherds Baby Wool Merino 4ply
Link to Ravelry here

A very pretty stitch pattern to knit



This is so pretty and it doesn’t even use a cable needle. I will show you the finished garment once finished and blocked. I started this last night and was so taken with the stitch. What do you think it might be? Here is the pattern in case you want to use it.

Pow 1 = P2 S1 K2 PSSO P2
Row 2 = K2 P1 YRN P1 K2
Row 3 = P2 K3 P2
Row 4 = K2 P3 K2

If you have any problems understanding the terms I have used above, leave a comment and I will happily explain further.

Fingerless lacy gloves for the girls

One of my girls was shopping with her friend and saw a pair of fingerless gloves they both wanted. So instead of  buying them, they decided I would knit them.

imagejpeg_2   DSC_0012

Once I had knitted a pair each, my other girl decided she wanted some too. So here we are. Three pair of fingerless lacy gloves using a free pattern from Ravelry. Lucky I had enough in my worsted weight stash without having to go out and buy wool.

Pattern website – SweaterBabe.com
Pattern – Lush Lacy Mitts (Free pattern)
Yarn – Naturally Aran Tweed and Patons Jet
Link to Ravelry here and here

Little Vintage Sunday Coat

I was in my local yarn store a few months ago and the lady was knitting a gorgeous little baby’s coat as a shop sample. The pattern book she was using was King Cole baby book 5. I looked through the book and decided I had to buy it even though the sizes only go up to 12 – 18 months and my grandbabys were already 11 and 13 months old. I took the book home and then promptly forgot about it.

A few weeks ago, I was looking through my knitting books for something to make a baby due in December and I came across this book! Oh dear. My babies have almost grown out of it before I had a chance to make anything from it. So a quick dash to my daughters with the book in hand and an hour or so later I came away with three patterns carefully selected for me to knit over the next few months.

photo 2


And of course, the first one was the little Vintage Sunday Coat that the lady was making as a shop sample on that fateful day. As soon as I got home I dived into my double knit stash and was lucky enough to find three different colours of Sublime Cashmere Merino and Silk yarn that I had bought a few months ago on sale.

photo 1

And yes, I know there will come a time when this dainty wee girl will not be wearing a baby coat made of luxury yarn at the local playground. But oh well. She is still learning to walk so it was her knees and hands that got covered in sand, not the coat.

Pattern book – King Cole baby book 5
Pattern – Little Vintage Sunday Coat
Yarn – Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK
Link to Ravelry here

Cable Toddler Vest

I so badly wanted to knit this cute little cabled vest.

So when my grand baby boy was 12 months old I asked his mum if she would like me to knit him a vest. She said no, she didn’t think so. So I pulled the pattern up on my iPad and showed her what I meant….and she still said no.  How disappointed I was. I had some yarn in my stash just waiting to be cast on for this little cable toddler vest.

So a wee while later, I decided I would make this for my daughter’s friend’s little boy who was turning 3 this winter. And then I checked the washing instructions on the label of the yarn I had ready and waiting patiently in my stash and realised it was hand wash only. The 3 year old was about to have a newborn baby brother in the house so I am thinking his mum would probably not appreciate a hand wash vest for an active 3 year old.

So the vest pattern and the yarn waited.

And then I made a little green fair aisle cardigan for my grand baby boy. When his dad saw the cardigan he said it would be better without the sleeves so it would be more like a vest. Aha, so dad would be happy for his son to wear a vest. So out came the pattern once more and a further discussion was had. This vest was then promptly cast on the needles. Four days later, here we are.

photo 1


photo 2

Pattern website – yarnspirations.com
Pattern – Keene Toddler Vest (free pattern)
Yarn – Naturally Aran Tweed and Naturally Loyal 10ply
Link to Ravelry here

Organic cotton 4ply ribbed singlet for a newborn baby boy


A little baby born in the middle of summer in Darwin. So a little light cotton 4ply vest was the choice of knits for this baby boy. He could wear this little vest with just his nappy and he should look cool and very cute.

This was knitted with organic hand wash cotton. Not something I would normally knit with for a new mum as there is enough to do with a new baby in the house without having to hand wash clothes. But I know that this mum uses a lot of organic cotton for her children so I am fairly sure I am not doing her a disservice.

When my children were babies, all wool (and cotton) was hand wash only and the washing machines definitely did not have hand wash or wool wash cycles. But I think with today’s washing machine technology, it is safe to wash these items on the appropriate cycle and not damage them. But of course I still hand wash all my knitted garments by hand. Probably doing myself a disservice!

I have knitted this singlet pattern before and I think it will be the last time. The instructions for sewing up the neckline are a bit vague and I always end up with a bumpy neckline where it joins the armhole. I spoke to the lovely lady in my LYS who had knitted this same singlet as a shop sample and she said the same thing. Her shop sample, like mine had a bumpy neckline instead of a nice neat flat one.

Pattern Leaflet – Ashford Ribbed Singlet Mackenzie 4ply
Pattern – Ribbed singlet
Yarn – Heirloom 4ply organic cotton
Link to Ravelry here

GREEN GLORIOUS GREEN fair aisle toddler cardigan


photo 1

This is me about to go supermarket shopping with my nice new green cardigan. Have you got the grocery list nana?.

photo 3

Come on, what’s the hold up? We don’t need any green apples. I’m going to try to climb out of this trolley if we don’t keep moving.

photo 5

Nana, this is so embarrassing having a photo shoot in the supermarket!

Pattern book – Rowan Studio issue thirty
Pattern – Fievel
Yarn – Shepherds Colour 4 Me and Crucci New Zealand 8ply
Link to Ravelry here

Rapunzel from my favourite Rowan book – Studio 30 birth to 5 years


Here is another one from my favourite babies and kids pattern book, Rowan Studio 30 pattern book. It is called Rapunzel.

I just love the colour of this little cardigan. In fact I loved it so much that I decided to make one exactly the same. So determined was I to make it exactly the same, that I searched the world’s online knitting stores for the Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK - colour Flower, since there was no one in New Zealand who sold it. And yes, I did look in my local yarn store for a similar type yarn and colour but there was nothing. This gorgeous merino and silk has a vibrance of colour that no other yarn had that I could find. Many of the yarns I looked at were either solid colours or variegated. This one has a very slight marl, which I think adds to its vibrance. And it is oh so very soft.


Rapunzel is a long cardigan with three buttons and a very pretty lace panelled yoke. The lace pattern instructions were very easy to follow and the pattern did not have any mistakes, which is always a bonus. The bands were knitted with the fronts and sat nicely after being blocked.

The only problem I had was trying to find buttons to match and because the little girl was about to get on a plane to fly back home to the UK, I didn’t have the luxury of time to find the perfect buttons. So good enough had to do.

But a wonderful bonus. The online knitting store made a mistake and sent me the wrong colour initially. They sent me Dawn, a beautifully soft grey and when I let told them, they very kindly sent me the correct colour and as an apology said I could keep the grey. So I might make another one for another special little girl.

Pattern book – Rowan Studio issue thirty
Pattern – Rapunzel
Yarn – Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK
Link to Ravelry here

Elegant white cardigan for baby


This simple little white cardigan was chosen by my daughter for me to make for her baby. I had no idea why she chose this pattern. I had lots of different patterns for her to choose from? Cables and colour work and lace and hoods and collars and coats. But she chose this.


But she was right. The simplicity of this little pattern becomes it’s elegance. The little sparkly buttons add to the daintiness of the circular yoke, along with the garter ridges.

This pattern is a free pattern available on Ravelry and comes in 3 to 6 months and 9 to 12 months sizes. I made the 9 to 12 month for our 9 month old baby and it was a wee bit big. But her mum still had her wearing it with the sleeves rolled up. She is now 12 months old and the cardigan fits her perfectly and will do for another few months.

So this elegant little baby cardigan pattern knitted in 4ply has now been made twice. My daughter’s friend saw it and wanted one for her baby too. That is why I love my girls choosing their own patterns.

People who provide patterns for free are so wonderful. Thank you to Gralina Frie for this simple little cardigan for baby.

Pattern source – Gralinas Ravelry Downloads
Pattern – Cardigan
Yarn – Shepherds baby wool merino 4ply and Lullaby baby merino
Link to Ravelry here and here